Monday, June 8, 2009

On the second day, God created primer...

Later in the afternoon, the bondo dried and we were able to put on primer. (When I say we, I mean me and occasionally Jesse's help. He did the bondo work and some sanding. He spent most of his time on his Galaxie.) I use Krylon Indoor/Outdoor primer to coat both the doors. I planned on doing the entire primer of the car but Jesse said to do primer then paint because we might get rain tonight. I just did what he said to do because it's Jesse and he knows a lot of stuff about a lot of things so I trust him.

Basically I put on enough primer to be nice and even. Horizontally and vertically to create a nice even coat and prevent banding.

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Oldsman said...

Way to go - props to anyone keeping an Olds on the road in any form. I have two 76 delta's, a nasty 4 door looks a lot like yours (same two doors in primer even) and a sweet 2 door hard top.