Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Prime Time

I was so determined to get my car painted on one side today, but alas, I'd say I spent from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm roughly fixing other people's crappy bondo jobs and intermittently sanding the body. Seriously, who does this?

So, from the beginning of the day, this is what I had to start out with:

The driver's side wasn't nearly as bad as the passenger's side was in terms of body damage. I didn't have to hammer anything out. I did, however, have a ridiculous amount of scraping and bondo repairs to do, as previously mentioned.

Did I mention I had to break off another Delta 88 emblem? I wasn't concerned about damaging it because we happened to find not one, not two, but four emblems at the Pick & Pull yesterday. So I went hog wild. I also happened to get the pins they're stuck in with as they fell through a little crevice on the bottom of the body. Apparently, my theory about the assemblers of the car thinking the car would never need another paint job in it's life was correct. Again, who does this? Bolting on an emblem and not having any way to get it off? What if someone hit the car and did body damage and you got it repaired and had to repaint it? Do you just bondo over the holes and say bye-bye to your emblems? Maybe that's why it's hard to find these things sometimes. Who knows?

Anyway, as mentioned earlier, a good part of the day was spent sanding and doing bondo on the car. My original plan was to just do the driver's side, but then I got all crazy and did the trunk too. What the heck, right? Jesse told me he liked my bondo work and said he'd like me to do the bondo on his Galaxie. I asked him if he was serious or if he was just saying it as one of those husband trying to encourage his wife type things. He said he was serious. I was honored.

After the bondo and sanding was done, I did the primer. I had the cans sitting on top of our trash can and I went to grab the bag they were in and it fell. Next thing I know, I hear this whizzzhhhh sound and apparently one of the cans exploded and was spraying all crazy inside the bag. Fortunately it was in that bag. I think Jesse and I would have royally freaked out if that fell on the floor and sprayed primer on the bumpers of our cars.

While I was priming, one of Jesse's customers came to pick up his gun. Apparently he was a little curious as to why I was painting my car and Jesse told him all about it.

Jesse decided to take a video of me priming. I've done so much priming I feel like I'm a spray painting machine.

It took me 3 half empty cans and 2 full cans to prime the entire side and back of my car. Jesse cut me off from painting because I would have stayed out and finished the thing into the darkness, but alas, I didn't. I didn't accomplish painting one side, but instead, tomorrow I plan to prime the hood and try to paint all that has been primed. If I'm lucky, I just might have 75% of the car painted with it's base coat by then!

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