Friday, June 5, 2009

Pug life

This morning I took Charlie to get his bloodwork done for his physical he had 2 weeks ago (I've been lagging on things since the move and since he had a little bit of a cold when he got his shots). I think he's the most outlandish child in the world personally. He gets vaccines and screams like you're murdering him so the ladies at the blood lab told me to hold him across his shoulders and cross my legs over his feet so he doesn't kick and squirm. I'm anticipating the shrill screaming as they get the needle out and the two viles for blood. Much to my surprise, he doesn't scream. He doesn't squirm. He just sits there looking curiously as this big fat needle goes in his arm and two crazy ladies steal his blood. Really, Charles?

Next, I make a quick jot to the mall to get Jesse's Father's Day present. I know it's not for another 2 weeks but I'd really hate to get caught up with things and forget to get him something. I mean, I have never missed getting him a Father's Day present, ever. He got one from Lulu when we moved in together, which was a gift card to buy a new holster for his Beretta 92. Then last year he got a card and some ammo. This year he gets a card and ****s. (Like that? How I censor what he's getting?) Anyway, forget the fact that I have yet to get a Mother's Day present seeing as last year was my very first one and I got discharged from the hospital with a 3 day old baby and this year we were in LA for that same baby's birthday and I still have yet to get a Mother's Day present and probably never will, at least I got Jesse something for Father's Day. Which says a lot about things. I joke that Charlie hates me because when he's home with me he cries and screams but the minute Dada gets home, it's all smiles. Maybe this is why I didn't get a Mother's Day present; because my son hates me. Oh well. There's always next year (which is what I said last year...)

On the way to the mall, I saw a guy driving a truck with a pug sticking out the passenger window. I smiled and told Charlie, "It's a pug dog!" and the guy driving could totally see me mouthing that and he did a little wave to me. I got all excited. I get super excited whenever I see pugs. I can't help it!

At the mall, I went to the bathroom and almost crashed into a little girl. I told her I was sorry and she smiled and said, "That's ok!" in a very bubbly carefree way. She was so polite. I love polite children. I think it really says a lot about both the child and the adult. I think manners are something that are greatly dying in this day and age of everyone being so into themselves that they forget that there are other people around them.

I was expecting my check to come in today but it didn't so oh well. I guess that means I need to go out again tomorrow. I really don't want to but I gotta do what I gotta do. Not much else to do around here other than my weekly housework, which I am greatly not looking forward to doing, as usual.

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The Joo said...

I'm glad Charlie handled the shots well. I need to give Kenny a good fathers day since I made a big stink about mother's day, so I'm glad you reminded me.