Friday, June 12, 2009

Serious competition

I joke candidly with Jesse that our car painting is becoming a contest and I have been trying so hard to beat him or at least catch up. He's lucky because his car came pre-primed. All he has to do is scuff and paint. I have to sand three times before I can even prime so I have four times the work in my mind. However, I have been taking serious advantage of Charlie taking three hour naps and buckling down and getting serious about things. I have found a way to maximize my time by creating a system. Before we'd sand and bondo when needed. Now I spot check and sand areas that need bondo, sand, prime, paint.

What more can I say today that I haven't said prior to today? Well, actually, now that I think about it, I had to hammer out some dents on the rear. That was ridiculously easy actually. All I had to do was pop the trunk, run my fingers along the sides to find the dents and hammer. I put the other hand on the outside body on the dent so I could feel if it was coming out enough. Anyway, I managed to straighten out this really shitty dent that was on the back and scraped off the crappy bondo they had on before to fill the dent and redo the bondo so it was only a small piece to fill the tiny tight dent I couldn't hammer out.

After the bondo was done, I was able to scrape off adhesive while the bondo dried. I then got a little arty with photo taking of sanding...

My new system allows me to do any scraping and 60 grain sanding around the bondo and by the time the scraping and sanding is done, the bondo is dry enough to sand down with 60 and start on to the 100 and go from 150 and complete the sanding cycle. Now that I look at a detailed photo, I realize my back end looked pretty dinged up.

So as usual, after the sanding was completed, I primed it, drank the rest of my hazelnut coffee and admired my work while the primer dried.

After the primer had set, I did my painting and for whatever reason, it just was being difficult in the sense it seemed like it needed so many coats to be done, but after it was done, I sat on my car and smiled because now Jesse has some serious competition. I have completed the base coat of one side of my car. Now all that's left is the other side, hood, trunk and roof. After those are all painted, I'll do a color sand and maybe one or two more coats and then clear coat and I'm done. And after that's done, I'll make seat covers and continue my quest of finding cosmetic parts to complete my Oldsmobile!

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