Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Tow Truck Neighbors

When my parents were up a few weeks back, Jesse had to go to work for something. I was out fishing with my dad and my mom was home with Charlie. As we left, I noticed a call and it was from Jesse. I called our home and my mom told me his car crapped out and he was being towed home. Well, ok. Turns out it was the starter. When Jesse put the starter in on Monday, he showed me some part that had the teeth on some gear totally chewed off half way around. The new starter worked like a charm after a pain in the butt to put it back in. Today, Jesse decided to take his Galaxie to work and it was fine. But on his lunch break when he returned to work, it made a weird sound similar to the last time the starter died. Sure enough, something went wrong. Around 4:30, I get a call from him telling me he is getting towed home because the car wasn't working. I missed the last time but it's a pain to get the flatbed tow trucks to get the car into our driveway. Two cars came down the street and had to turn around and go back because the tow truck blocked the entire street. I told Jesse we're going to be known as the neighbors that always have their car towed home. I don't think he was very happy about that comment. To add insult to injury, my tail lights came in today for my Oldsmobile. At least the Galaxie looked nice painted black up on the tow truck. I hadn't seen it painted from the side like that yet. I've seen it painted but only through weird angles by the fence. Oh well.

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