Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Two words: Open Bar

When Jesse and I got married almost two years ago, I was about 6 weeks pregnant and we did a court house thing that felt more like waiting to get a license renewal at the dmv than getting married. Well, we're about 3 months shy of our two year wedding anniversary and we discussed the idea of a vow renewal to have a wedding type event when we celebrate our 5 year anniversary so we can do our own vows and have friends and relatives up and it would be like a real wedding, only there would be no white dress and the child would be 4 years old. We decided we're going to do a back yard reception type thing that would be cocktail attire and all on a budget, with most of the budget going on an open bar and we'd like to keep it fun. There won't be a bridal party or anything because I guess that's not good vow renewal etiquette. There won't be any registry. It will just be people coming up to have dinner, drinks and celebrate us being married for 5 years and us renewing our love for each other again. Because quite frankly, without sounding lame, Jesse and I have discussed that we believe we will be that couple who makes it to the grave together.

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