Monday, June 29, 2009

The ultimate scare

I'm very embarrassed and ashamed of myself for having to post this blog, but I had a serious scare today. Whenever I go out into the wild, I always have protection with me. You don't know if you might have a crazy ass animal or person try to attack you, so it's better safe than sorry. Well, Lulu was with me and for whatever dumb reason, I wound up taking a totally loaded magazine of .380 and not putting it in my Bersa. Instead, it wound up somewhere around my fishing purse (a mini messenger bag style purse I use to put my fishing gear into). I never put it in the Bersa and I started fishing, getting my rig from last night changed up to a sinking brown trout Rapalla. I caught a fish on my first cast out. Dead serious. I was so excited about good fishing and then when it slowed down, I moved to another part of the river. I fished at the new location and played in the water with Lulu. After about an hour, I decided it was time to go before I got a sunburn. When I got home, I unpacked and realized I never put the magazine in my Bersa and went to put it up and realized that I had a fully loaded magazine of 7 rounds of .380 NOT in my purse but somewhere in nature. Jesse said it wasn't a big deal. It was just the magazine and 7 rounds of ammo. But then me, being the catastrophic thinker I am, started to think, "What if someone kills someone out there with a 9mm and they find the bullets but not the brass and then find a loaded magazine of .380 (same diameter bullet as 9mm) with my finger prints and then track me down for a crime I didn't commit and I need to get that magazine back asap!" Seriously, that's how my brain works. I was so embarrassed and ashamed of my total irresponsibility in this case. I know, it was just a magazine and some bullets. You can't do anything with them unless you have the appropriate gun to go with it, it's not like I forgot the gun. But still, I was pretty freaked out. I hauled ass back to the river and ran hysterically around the now crowded river trying to find it. The last place I checked was the first place I went and surprisingly enough, it was there. I felt so relieved. Anyway, I need to take more time to make sure I have all my belongings when I go places and check before I leave. This never should have happened. I am grounding myself for the next week and will not allow myself to go out and have any fun until I learn my lesson. Political protesting doesn't count towards punishment.

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