Saturday, June 27, 2009

Unconstitutional F.U.

As I mentioned earlier today, I spent a good deal of the morning hiding any guns and gun related objects because there was supposed to be a showing today at 11:00 am. 11:20 rolls around and finally I call to find out if anyone is coming or not. It's at 1:00 pm. The dumb guy who puts the paper notices on our door wrote it up wrong. They need to fire that tool. Anyway, I called and asked about it and got that clarification as well as information as to the fact we will have investors coming to view the house. The lady then tells us that she doesn't want any of our guns out. A big unconstitutional FU if you ask me. I mean, as a renter, am I not allowed to own guns? Do investors not allow gun owners as potential renters? What's the deal? So yeah, fortunately for them I spent a good part of the morning hiding that stuff because I fear I'll be like the guy in that Prison Planet article. Only instead, we'd wind up losing our child to CPS or something instead of just having our house raided because of some idiot not knowing what they see. I cringe at the thought of people coming into our home that are not friends of the 2nd Amendment and that are strangers.

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