Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Watch out Steven Segal, Lulu's the next face of action!

In case you haven't seen it, Lulu likes to go on bike rides. I took he out tonight and I guess it was the fact that it was cold and kind of dark and starting to drizzle and we were a block away from home, she got a little antsy and wanted to go home. She stood up in her basket and I slowed down a bit so she could fix her seating, but instead, she jumped from the basket and landed in a pile of dirt doing a little roll from my moving bike. I freaked out for a moment, called her over so she wouldn't get hit by a car or anything and put her back in and drove home. But upon getting home, she piled up in her blanket on the couch and went to sleep as normal. I thought back to her little action move and even acted it out for Jesse to show him. Anyway, next time she goes out, I'll keep it to sunny days.

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