Saturday, June 6, 2009

Why Art Fags Are Bad

We bought a really nice washer and really old dryer from someone on Craigslist when we moved for $100. About a week ago my dryer crapped out. I was looking for a new one in the meantime drying stuff on a clothes line out back. I have no issues with line drying but with the rain it's a little hard. I found a really nice dryer on Craigslist for $50 and emailed the guy and asked him specifically if it's an electric dryer because I have no gas hook ups and need an electric dryer. The guy said it was and he'd even deliver it for me. I am ecstatic and arrange everything. The guy and two buddies come and they're these total art fag college boys. You know, the guys with the bad haircuts and tight jeans with plaid shirts. Anyway, they take the old dryer out for me, put the new one in and hook it up. Fantastic! I pay them and send them on their way. I use the thing and it runs and I'm happy to go back to regular drying and not doing laundry based on what the weather is like. After it completes drying, I go to get my load out and it's still wet. Jesse tries to put it on another setting. After that cycle they're still damp. He discovers it's not blowing any hot air. We then look and realize that they sold me a GAS dryer. GAS. I specifically told them NO GAS. Yet they drive out from across town, hook the thing up and put the gas tube NEXT TO THE DRYER. These tools saw an electric plug and thought that meant it was an electric dryer? OH, like what? It's going to be plugged into a gas line and that will power the thing? Stupid tools. I don't feel too ripped off because I feel like my washing machine was worth $100 alone and I pretend the $50 I lost on another non-usable dryer was the $50 I would have spent on the old one had that cost so I feel like I'm at a starting point here. So I have three options: 1. try to figure out what was wrong with the old dryer and see if any of the parts on the new one can fix it or if we can fix it, 2. see if we can trade a perfectly good working gas dryer for an electric one at a used appliance shop, or 3. sell or trade the gas one on Craigslist for an electric one. For now, this just means more work of moving a dryer and getting the old one out and a new one in and ugh. I'm frustrated right now.

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