Friday, June 26, 2009

"You muh muh muh make me huh huh huh happy."

Today I was taking a shower and blew my nose under the water and wiped out a big ass booger that was coated the color of my car. Considering I painted my car yesterday morning, that's probably not a good thing.

Jesse and I went on a date to the art walk down by the river. We saw my Gun Tests at Se7en and had a few drinks, walked the river, watched people in kayaks and had a nice time being adults for a change. Date night is a good thing. I'd like to see it happen once a month if possible.

Enjoying a beer at Se7en.

Gun Tests above the bar.

I absolutely love the movie Tropic Thunder. I've only seen Apocalypse Now and really get the jokes from that, whereas Jesse has seen Platoon which the movies is mostly based on as well as a few of the other war movies like Rambo and others, so to him it's really funny. Anyway, I just gotta say, I am not a fan of Tom Cruise but I absolutely love his character in that movie. He is such an asshole and looks so hideous it's great! But quite frankly, I love a lot of the people in that movie. I think Robert Downey Jr. is beyond hilarious with the whole getting so involved in his character that he gets his skin changed black and the fact a white Australian male is playing the role of a leading black character. And Jay Baruchel for some reason makes me think of Jesse. I dunno why. Maybe it's just me being weird. But I love his character of the newcomer who reads the book, learns the script and is hoping to make it and learns that his A-list celebrity peers don't even do any of that and gets a rude wake up to what the world of acting is like.

In other news, I'm over hearing about MJ dying. God doesn't want the Jackson 5 to reunite. Maybe he's faking his death to get out of financial troubles or there's about to be another child molestation allegation. Why isn't Farrah Facet getting as much publicity as him? Or Ed McMahon. TMZ is probably having a field day. Celebrity gossip. Ugh.

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