Friday, July 10, 2009

Best Wife

Yesterday, while Jesse was at work, I decided to paint the driver side doors on his Galaxie. I know, I'm a good wife. While doing that, Lulu was outside with me sunning on the back porch. She got sick of that and needed shade and decided that the grass under the trees wasn't good enough and I found her cooling on the shaded front porch concrete when I threw out my painting trash. Jesse was happy with his surprise paint job I did for him. He should be. He fondled his carburetor last night while on the phone with his friend. I guess he wants to put it in this weekend. On a funny tangent, we took both cars to the A&W on Wednesday and someone said Jesse's car was the other "black primered car." Yeah, no it's not primer. It's a flat black paint. Silly lady. I'm not a fan of the flat black, but that's what Jesse likes and it's his car so I'll sit and support his choices and help him with the work. Again, I'm a good wife.

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