Sunday, July 26, 2009

Choose your battles

I just woke up a little while ago rather groggy. In my half awake state, Jesse told me he was thinking of going to "that show" and putting on clothes. He kisses me and heads out the door quicker than I can completely comprehend what's going on. He says it's Jesse time. Well last night we were supposed to have our date night and we're only out long enough to get to our destination for 2 beers and have a quick bite to eat. That's not really long enough in my mind, especially since Jesse wants to go home because he's tired. Looking back, I think it's because it's not his thing and honestly it's not my thing either but I do not discriminate against live music of any sort and alcohol. If it's a good vibe in a room, I'm totally ok. Well he's not. Today is an old skool LA punk show out in Sparks. Jesse would have never known about this show if I didn't tell him. Reason being is that I wanted to go too. I didn't realize on Friday when I brought the flyer home that the show is tonight. Apparently Jesse went to the show by himself to enjoy bands he grew up seeing. Actually, bands we both grew up seeing. And the fact he has decided that he is the only one who gets to relive his glory days has me a little upset. He's gonna go out and have fun while I'm folding laundry. So right now I'm pretty grumpy. I don't get the right to complain because I go places too, but I also go places I know Jesse doesn't care to go to. If he's remotely interested, I'll invite him. The fact I wanted to go too but he goes alone anyway makes me grumpy. But I'm sure at some state in drinking last night I probably told him he should go which makes me just mad at myself. Charlie is up crying. Life is pretty fucking sweet right now. I feel like chucking a brick at something.

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