Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Church on Sundays and a flag pole in the yard

The other night Jesse and I were talking and something came about church services and how someone who wasn't baptized or part of a church couldn't take part in things; but, depending on the service (if it's something that is a sacrament only to baptized parish members or just a general service) could maybe be used, and if nothing else, if a non-baptized person was married to someone who is baptized and part of a church they probably could. That made me think of Jesse in a church. He has said on many occasions that he's not a non-believer, just not into organized religion. I also thought of how I would probably get slack from the church about never having a marriage within the church and that I should (not that I don't want to, but it just never happened the first year.) Well, I like the idea of Jesse going to church. In fact, I envy families that have couples that go to church every Sunday. The whole concept of religion teaches morals, ethics and decency in human nature and how to deal with flaws and hardships. I just feel like that connection to God and faith brings a deeper meaning to vows and one appreciates their sacrament of marriage more and can truly love their spouse and children even more because when they swear in the name of God to do something, it actually means something, and isn't just lip service to some book. I want to be one of those families, but in reality, I don't see that ever happening. My own laziness (and shame) doesn't get me to go to church regularly. I haven't even had my son baptized yet because the Godparents live too far away and I haven't registered with the church yet because they don't have the forms available in the bulletins anymore and no one in the rectory seems to know how to go about to register. I tried to arrange a baptism back home, but I would need a letter from my parish up here saying it's ok and then it's back to square one of I can't find anyone who knows how I am supposed to register. We were reading one of Dr. Laura's books tonight and I was thinking of her take of remarrying after your spouse dies and that's one of the few areas I disagree with her because I feel like when you die, you will be reunited with your spouse in Heaven but at this point, part of me would greatly like to have Jesse be a full on Catholic like me so that we can both go to Heaven when we die, because as it stands right now, I doubt we'll be in the same places in the next world unless one of us changes drastically either way. Yeah, I want to be that family that gets dressed up in our Sunday bests, hops in the Oldsmobile and drives to church for that one hour a week to bask in stained glass lighting and partake in our weekly mass and then goes out to breakfast somewhere. Alas, I don't see that happening. Ever.

At the gun show, there was a booth selling flags. Julie said she wished she had a flag pole because she would want to put a flag up and I can't help but agree with her on that. I thought it would be grand to have a flag pole out front and put up it out every morning and take it down every night, properly fold it and place it in a safe spot till the next morning. Is it just me or does anyone not notice flags being such a prominent part of decor, patriotism and day to day life anymore? I don't see many schools with flags out front, just empty poles. The only places you really see flags anymore are at court houses or federal buildings, other than that, they've become non-existent. Is patriotism becoming a dying concept in this country like religion? Is it possible that patriotism will be separated from state just as the church was?

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