Thursday, July 9, 2009

A dream that left me feeling like "woah"!

Last night I had this very bizarre dream. I was single, but I had Charlie. Jesse and I weren't divorced and he wasn't dead, he just wasn't in my life as in I had never met him. I lived in what seemed like a hybrid of our house and our old apartment. My mom and sister were here too. I met Jesse in the neighborhood at the Spirit Gas station on Wells. We talked and wound up hanging out for the day and had amazing sex. I asked him about what it meant, like if we were in a relationship or something and he couldn't really come up with an answer. He then had to leave. It was going to snow and he had to get through the Donner Pass before it came in. He drove off in my Oldsmobile and I hesitated for about a minute or two and drove off after him, also in my Oldsmobile. Apparently, we each had one. We wound up at the gas station again and he walked out from inside after paying and I called him. He looked up and I told him he couldn't go because I loved him. He then walked over to me and we kissed each other in the parking lot for what seemed like forever and was the most incredible kiss I ever had in my life (well, a dream I guess you could say.) He then took me with him and we drove across the land and that was the rest of the dream, just driving in silence.

After I woke up and got dressed and all this morning, the memory of this dream came back to me and I have been since wanting to kiss the hell out of my husband. 2 years and a baby later, I still am madly in love with the man of my dreams. I wish everyone can find someone like that in life and still get all giddy at the thought of them coming home or seeing them or whatever. I love Jesse so much, I painted his car for him while he was at work today. And tonight, we'll probably have sex if that's not too much of a forward statement.

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