Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A fun little story about taking chances

A month ago I saw a job listing for a company seeking an employee for their company. Prior to that, I had seen that same person looking for an employee a few weeks earlier. I applied even telling them that I noticed they have been posting repetitively with no luck and to give me a shot. I went on an interview that I thought went rather well. I was told they'd call back and follow up whether or not they go with me and never heard back. Whatever. OK, so flash forward to now, a month later. Apparently, this person is still looking for someone to hire. I guess the moral of the story here is that sometimes you need to settle for less than what you really want because if you're looking for a very specific person, chances are you'll never find that person. If that person exists, they probably have a good thing going on already and won't give it up to go elsewhere. Jesse had a similar situation happen when he applied at Century arms half a year ago. He applied around November or something and heard back in December. They told him thanks but no thanks. Then they called him back like 3 months later to see if he was still interested and wanted to hire him but pay him like $2 more than he makes at Sportsmans. And considering they're east coast and the cost of living is more, that was a total slap in the face. How come he wasn't good enough before but 3 months later he is? And you know what? Just for shits and giggles I looked at their site and they still haven't found the right person! Jesse said they wanted *some specific famous gunsmith person* and I believe he was right. Well, I guess in some cases they want specific people when someone leaves a company or gets fired or whatever and they try to find that person again and if they have no luck it just sucks. Its like that person who is in a long term relationship and gets dumped and they always try to find girls who are just like their ex but because it's not their ex, that new girl will never live up to those standards? Wow. I'm on too much of a tangent here. The end.

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