Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Giddy with anticipation

Today we are being dared to do something kind. It's not too difficult to make this a good day for Jesse. He got the right part for his carburetor finally. A new Small Arms Review came in the mail. I was thinking of making him some stir fry and brownies, but the more I thought about it, that's a little selfish because quite frankly, everyone in the house gets to enjoy that. So I'm still making stir fry and the brownies (chocolate chip brownies at that!) are baking away in the oven as I type. So what's so kind? Well, Jesse's not here and he's missing out on the best part: licking the bowl. In an act of kindness, I put a tupperware of brownie batter in the fridge with a note to my darling husband telling him how I love him so much, that I think of him when he's not around and want him to enjoy his favorite part of me making him brownies. I can't wait till he stumbles upon it because I know he will be very happy. So now I get to sit around all day giddy and excited to see him react to his surprises of a new magazine, a tasty dinner and desert and then gasp! something he didn't even see coming. I'm such a dork. Seriously, I am.

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MsVennie said...

You're not a dork at all. You're a great wife. He's lucky to have you. I do things like this for my hubbie too. It's called letting them know we love them by remembering what they love.

kuddos to you - dr. laura would give you a gold star! :P