Sunday, July 26, 2009

Gunshow recap

We eventually dragged our asses out to the gunshow this morning around 10ish and met up with Ryan and Julie. Walked around for a bit. We met up with the guys and got a snack at the deli at Raley's. Walked back to the gun show. Cruised around some more. Saw Gia the Button Lady and talked with her about random stuff from home schooling, more Tea Parties and family owned businesses. Yeah, it's sort of my dream to have one, but I don't know how soon that will ever take off. Hopefully soon? After talking with Gia, we headed down and saw Sean was also able to crawl out of bed this morning to make it to the voter registration table. Went over and said hi and Charlie decided to do some sort of stare down. It was pretty funny. Julie and I then took Charlie to eat because he was asleep when we ate. After that we were reunited with our husbands and life was good. They got some tanerite and other crap and we went home from there. Ahhh. I told Chrissy she should have gone and we could find her a man at the gun show. She asked if I was threatened by her singleness and I said no, I just thought it'd be funny if she could have a tale of a gun show fling. She responded that she also should have a fling with a cowboy for the same reason. Ah, good times. I think we need to have another bbq but with more people and booze in the lights of a real party? But for the same purpose, I'd also like to wait till we know if an investor buys our house or what. The end.

Oh, here's a picture to end it all. Charlie having a good time.

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