Monday, July 20, 2009

If you're gonna argue, do it outside at an ungodly time of the night

I would say off hand, there are 2 confirmed couples in our neighborhood that argue on a regular basis. There's the one couple across the street a few houses over who tend to argue and the girl will walk to the sidewalk and pace up and down the street arguing so everyone can hear what's happening so if the cops come, she has witnesses. Then there's this couple in this 4 or 6 plex across the street from us who seem to always have the cops come to split things up. I've seen the cops at their place 3 times since we moved in here in May and quite frankly I think there should be a law or something that if you have domestic disturbances and the cops have to come out so many times in a certain amount of time that you need to move away from the person you argue with or you'll be arrested or something of the sort. It just strikes me as a waste of cops time to come out to habitual arguers and always over the same shit. I dunno. Well last night, there was a new arguing couple somewhere. Jesse wasn't sure where they were but we heard them. All loud and clear at 12:53 pm. Basically arguing about someone feeling like they do everything type stuff. Seriously, did that argument have to happen when I was sleeping? Couldn't it have waited till the morning or happened earlier in the day? I never quite understand that about Reno how people pick the dumbest times to argue but ok. Anyway, I do enjoy a domestic disturbance every so often, so keep them coming people! Just, not all the time. Maybe like once every 2 weeks or so. And do it outside so I can watch cos it's funny as shit to see the stupid stuff people argue about. Really, why can't you just suck it up and do the work? Maybe you really are a whore who is cheating on your boyfriend or who has cheated in the past giving him suspicions? Maybe you did steal some money. Whatever. I love it!

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