Sunday, July 26, 2009


My arm is all scribbled to shit with a map of stamps from various locations I've been to yesterday. My gun show stamp is practically faded while I can't seem to get the stamps from bars off. Funny how that works out, huh? It all seemed like a good idea last night but, I am not having fun this morning. Staying up ass late to upload pictures and blog for fear I might leave a detail out seemed like a good idea when I got home. But I don't enjoy the fact that just as I went to sleep, Charlie woke up crying and wanted to sleep with us. Or the fact that we got woken up at 8ish by a phone call from my mother in law who is driving cross country back to California and never seems to remember time zone differences. Or the fact that after that I couldn't fall back asleep and we got a phone call not too long after from gun show friends wanting us to join us. I love the gun shows. I love going out. But dammit, I hate waking up after having little sleep. We walked home because it was close by but that's just one more thing to add to me being tired. At this point, I'm just dragging my ass to get anything done. Whatever. I don't see Jesse up and getting ready so I don't feel too bad. Even still, I have always been that weird anomaly who goes out, can get completely shit faced the night before and go to bed at 4 am and still wake up no later than 8. Damned internal clock weirdness. OK, time to get ready for another day of guns.

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