Saturday, July 11, 2009

Molars are a real bitch

Today was supposed to be a fun day, but thanks to two teething toddlers (try saying that five times fast), it was more of a chore than a delight. I met up with some friends and their babies this morning. We were going to check out the new strip mall at Legends (which is pretty cool and has some decent outlet stores with decent prices) and then go swimming at the Sparks Marina. Well, to start, we went on the day they were doing the auditions for America's Next Top Model in Reno. It was pretty crappy. We watched the end of it. Just a bunch of girls who were pretty but not America's Next Top Model pretty. And it was ass hot and I'm sure the heat took a toll on things that would make them look better like hair that wasn't going limp or not sweating like crazy. But yeah. After that, I took Charlie to play in a fountain, but Mr. Grumpus Gnome was teething and just cried whenever I put him on the ground to stand up and walk around. We got food because we thought maybe that would make the boys happier. Nope. Charlie barely touched his food and his buddy cut a tooth mid lunch and started bleeding and crying and it got uglier from there out. The rest of the day was the two boys crying and just being in teething hell. When I got home, I gave Charlie some Tylenol and teething tablets and later rubbed a little Jack on his gums and he was still fussy. I gave him his frozen teething toys. Let him chew on my fingers. Let him chew on my shirt. Nothing. Finally, Lulu sees my despair and comes running to the rescue. She lets Charlie pet her in hopes that will make things better. It did. She was the magic charm. She distracted him by letting him torment her that he completely forgot he was aching. Yay Lulu. Hopefully this is the end of the bad teething. Jesse wants to go shooting with some clients/new friends tomorrow and I just don't know how to hang if Charlie is a teething butt if we go shooting or even if I'm at home alone with him.

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