Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Most Important Blog You'll Ever Read: Hannah Montana vs. iCarly

Wait? Hannah Montana vs. iCarly?

That's right. I'm comparing tween icons of dueling networks, Disney's Hannah Montana aka the Undercover Pop Star and Nickalodeon's iCarly, average girl with an internet series.

For starters, I hate Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus. I think she's a no-talent skank ho that give kids a bad example of what girls her age should act like. In her show she teaches it's ok to lie to your friends, step on people to get ahead and yeah, it's Disney so they try to turn it around to teach a moral but in the end, she always gets things her way so really, there is no lesson learned. She has hideous hair as Hannah and is just a bitch either way as herself or her stage persona. She swears the world is all about her. Annoying little rich girl. Her guy friend is ugly and her bff is ugly too. And just like her, they don't have any talent. Plus, Hannah lives with her dad in a beach house (Mr. Achey Breaky Big Mistakey himself Billy Ray Cyrus)who in reality is a failed musician trying to make a comeback vicariously through his daughter.

I actually like iCarly and find it to be a watchable show. From the fact it reminds me of a jr. high type Saved By The Bell in the age of internet with less characters but the same good fun vibe of shows I remember watching as a kid in jr. high. Carly is cute. She's likable. She's not perfect, not always a genius, but a lot more fun than Hannah/Miley. Even her friends are better looking and have more substance than the empty friends Hannah has. Carly lives with her older brother in a loft apartment. No parents, yet so much more responsible.

Not to mention, the starting credits/music are better for iCarly than Hannah Montana...

iCarly opening sequence/song

Hannah Montana opening sequence/song

iCarly is totally fun, teen fun. Hannah is like a kid trying to be Shania Twain. It's just weird and wrong. And her song sucks. At least the iCarly theme is sung better and has a really cool look with the whole internet web surfing credit concept.

Anyway, yeah, that's the end of that. I am putting an end to all things. iCarly is likable. Hannah Montana is just skating on over marketing and the fact it's teenage star has questionable pics of herself floating around the internet. What's that all about? Not cool.

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