Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Old Ladies in Big Trucks and Cops That Go "Did You Call?" in the Night

I heard this rattling sound of a big work truck outside and saw a tiny little old lady crawl out of it. It was almost cartoonish. I mean, this lady must have been no more than 5' tall at best, yet she's getting out of one of those huge diesel style work trucks that is at least 3' above ground before you even reach the floor of the cabin. It was rather comical to say the least.

Last night, Jesse and I were spending quality time in the living room. He was looking up stuff for his carburetor that is a mess and a half and I was reading aloud from Dr. Laura's 10 Things Couples Do To Mess Up Their Relationships. It was like we were listening to her show without it actually being on. Anyway, some cars pull up in front of our house around close to 11:00 pm. We get up and look out our screen door and it's RPD. They come up to our house as we stare inquisitively and ask if we called. "Nope." Upon a quick glance, they realize that we're not the correct address and then notice the house next to ours is not the address they need either. They ask us if we know where that house is and to our best knowledge, we assume its one of the houses in the alley. They walk up and down the block with their flash lights with no luck and finally some kid comes out and I guess there was some sort of domestic issue somewhere. I just heard something about arguing with a mom and that was the best I could gather.

Apparently we must live on the street of a million domestic disputes. Which is fine with me. I'll take cops coming out here to settle quarrels any day over the crap we dealt with at our last place: unsupervised kids playing in the alley and messing with the cars, drug dealers doing deals in our parking lot, tweakers, assholes blaring bad music, etc. At least with domestic disputes, its always over some petty crap and it can be real amusing to watch. Plus, this way we have cops constantly patrolling our street so you know that chances of someone committing a serious crime like robbery, vandalism, etc. is lower because chances are there will be a cop out here. So in actuality, I see my feuding neighbors as blessings.

In other news, Charlie is now on a sleeping in kick. I like this. A lot actually. Two nights in a row he went to bed around 9:30 - 10:00 and didn't wake till 10:30 the next morning. Guess who else gets to sleep in? You guessed it! US! We like this very much.

The end.

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