Monday, July 27, 2009

Rules of engagement

Last night was a bit of a rough night for me. After all the lumps and bumps were set aside an issue came up in that everything that has ever happened between Jesse and I never happens intentionally but is the result of accidentally happening. I don't think we ever planned to date each other, it just happened. We never planned to move to Reno, it just happened. We were gonna stay here over the summer while Jesse interned at US Ordinance and that never happened and well, two years later, we're still here. We got married. Jesse never proposed. There was never a dinner or walk anywhere or event where he took my hand, did a one knee thing or whatever and popped the question. We just decided one day that for insurance purposes to get married on paper and then a year later we would have a real ceremony. Two years later that never happened. And it bugs me every day to wonder if we never did that if Jesse would ever propose to me or not. He says he would have but the fact that it never happened just makes me wonder. And of course I got pregnant, we weren't planning to have kids yet but it happened. Do we regret it? Not at all.

So I keep hearing about this book called The Love Dare. I saw it but didn't buy it because I didn't have the money at the time and when I did have the money, I totally forgot. Anyway, I guess it's a 40 day plan to strengthen your relationship. It sounds interesting and fun and all. I just wonder how many people do the every day things or just read and start and don't finish? It's worth a shot, right? It could be fun. I think the last thing is to write new vows or something and share with your spouse. I hear people also use this thing before they get married. Whatever the case may be, I always like to try new and interesting things as well as look for ways to make good things better.

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