Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Shark In A Funny Hat

I just heard Jeremy say that on Top Gear. It makes for a great title, no?

So tonight I was watering my lawn, flowers and veggie garden and I couldn't help but think: why do my neighbors all have these beautiful green lawns and mine is half dead? See, the reason I wonder this is because I'm the only one who actually waters my lawn while I've never seen anyone else watering. I don't even see sprinklers or hear them. I'm very aware of my neighborhood and it just baffles me. I dedicate so much time out of the week to making sure my home looks nice and I rather enjoy my yard work, much like Hank Hill does. I keep thinking that if we get to stay here come fall, I will plant winter grass and make a serious effort to make this place have a beautiful green lawn. I'll rip that which is out completely, hoe, water, seed, fertilize, and take Lulu for walks to make sure my grass grows. I guess I just need to vent and complain for a second and wonder what the hell is wrong with the ground around me. OK, that's all.

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