Friday, July 3, 2009

Sick to my stomach

I literally feel sick to my stomach. Like noxious like I'm going to throw up. I also have the worst taste in my mouth. I believe this is all the works of one buffalo chicken salad I had yesterday that seemed like a good idea then but not anymore. In reality, this starts about two days ago...

My friend Chrissy was in Montana for her grandpa's funeral. She flew up there and was going to drive one of his cars back because her car she has here in Reno has been giving her so many problems she's ready to throw in the towel with it. On her drive home, she texts me saying she's having car troubles and that she has really bad cell phone reception and service. Around 12:30 pm, I get a text saying her car broke down by Mile Marker 221 some 200 miles from Reno and she needs someone to call highway patrol. I was asleep when I got it and didn't quite comprehend what was happening and for some reason thought her mom was coming with her.

Yesterday I go by her house to see if she ever got home safe and she's not home. I call and text and nothing. I call highway patrol to see if anyone picked her up last night and they say no I and I ask them to check on it. Well, it turns out she did get picked up around 1:30 am and they took her to a tire store and she calls me at 1:50 pm and asks if I can pick her up. I go. Highlights of the drive include seeing a tumbleweed cross the highway, driving in the rain with my windows down because it was so hot, some really cool lightning, local diner color, and the Oldsmobile being very well behaved (I'm starting to think he doesn't like Jesse and is jealous of him.)I kept thinking there's a ghost town out in Battle Mountain, which is where Chrissy was at. Apparently there is, I just checked and confirmed it.

Anyway, we got dinner and headed back home. It wasn't that bad of a drive all in all. I just realized that there's a bunch really cool ghost towns near us. I'll hafta go out and check them out some day. In the mean time, my stomach has got better.

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