Saturday, July 18, 2009

When you set your goals low enough, you can achieve success

I told Jesse today I have this dream of one day throwing out all of my bras, underwear and socks and buying brand new ones. Jesse said that sounds like an achievable goal.

I'm trying to clean my screen off because I need to reburn it. Apparently my emulsion wasn't even enough. D'oh. Trial 3 tomorrow. But at least I figured out a good burn time. I think I'm gonna try for 3 minutes though because 5 seemed to over expose a little too much.

Today I went to the purple festival at Lavender Ridge Ranch. It was really pretty there. Very purple. And lots of bees. If you're allergic to bees, I'd say you're safe as long as you don't pester the bees or get all up in the bees shit. The end.

At the water fall pond.

Charlie finds a really neat rock.

Charlie putters around looking at bees.

Charlie and his guy buddy Owen going down to check out the bees.

Pestering bees.

Walking with Mommy down the lavender fields.

In front of the lavender field on a fence post.

Pretty lavender. Lots of bees. Me: scared shitless of getting stung.

A big ol' fuzzy bumble bee.

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MsVennie said...

looks like ya'll had an exceptional time. I imagine that place smelled like heaven with all of that lavender about!

Love the pic of Charlie bent over. hee hee