Sunday, July 5, 2009

Woah-oh Dreaaaam Weaver...

So I've been playing around with Flash and Dreamweaver lately. I've been figuring out how to use them (finally!) I sorta had an idea with some flash but right now I just use it for simple animated gallery type things. You get the fun of an animation without the quality loss you'd get with a .gif. So I'm happy about that. Right now my abilities are super limited, but ok, Dreamweaver. I over complicated it before with a really crappy online tutorial I read and found an even better youtube tutorial that basically summed it all up for me in all of 2 minutes. Because I'm super overzealous, I start to look at something and soon after realize that they are dumbing things down and I am capable of more and well, I just will go on and say forget their tutorial, I think I got it from here and voila! So yeah, working on playing with things. That's all for now.

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