Friday, August 7, 2009

Constitutional Weird Dream

A few weeks back at the gun show, I picked up a pocket constitution the size of a check book and it lives in my purse. That way, wherever I go, I know the rules to whatever place I'm at. Anyway, I had this really weird dream last night where I was going on vacation in Las Vegas with my family and there was some sort of issue of hotels. Then some people were coming room to room to inquire everything about you as to whether or not you were allowed to be at the hotel or if you were considered a threat and had to leave. I just remember I wound up in a classroom somewhere with some people who were afraid they'd be kicked out and I started to read the Constitution to them as the SWAT team came to bust in on us and arrest us all. I went to read it to the SWAT team so they knew that I wasn't making it up but it was in fact in our country's founding documents that we were ok to stay and not bad people and didn't need to be arrested. Next thing I know, I turn the page and it's all advertisements! I turn the next page and the same thing. Suddenly, my little checkbook size Constitution is a phonebook sized pamphlet stuffed with pages and pages of ads and the SWAT team is growing testy because they want proof or we're all going down. Finally, everyone starts to get restless and I find a way to escape the room and run into a weird snowy street. It's hard to get out safe because it's slippery (it's that mushy snow that melts and has ice under it.) I woke up and there was never an outcome to what happened. Maybe a conclusion tonight?

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