Friday, August 7, 2009

Damn it feels good to be a quitter!

I am not one of those wives who allows stubborn pride to consume me. Long ago, Jesse suggested I use a chemical stripper for the top of the car and I said I'd first give sanding a shot. Well, I will admit, Jesse is right. He usually is, especially with things he knows and cars are one of those things he knows well. So after I got the entire vinyl/leather/whatever-the-hell-it-is off the top of my car, I started to sand and I just decided that with how stubborn that adhesive is, no amount of manual sanding will get rid of it. Maybe an electric sander, but at this point, I'm feeling that chemical stripper stuff. So, here's a few pictures...

Again, rain clouds or crappy weather clouds, loom over head. I would hug them if I could, because they made my peeling process rather enjoyable. No heat. No sun. No sunburn. No reflective light bouncing off the top of my car into my eyes.

A close-up of the grossness that is left of adhesive.

A close-up of what the adhesive looks like after sanding and sanding and more sanding.

Alas, victory! I got all the vinyl off and I say I am ok with quitting on sanding the adhesive off!

Now, to call my husband at work and see if he will pick up some of that chemical stripping crap for me!

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