Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Disgusting Happy Day

For some reason today, I was super happy. Like that disgusting happy that people in bad moods want to slap. I don't know why. This morning I took the Galaxie out to the Walsmart and did grocery shopping. I finally got my full length mirror I've been saying, "Next time I go to Walmart, I am going to get a full length mirror" for the last two years. When I came home, Jesse helped me put the groceries in the house and took the Galaxie to work. I separated my meat and put all the frozen goods in the freezer, fridge goods in the fridge, and cabinet goods, you guessed it, in the cabinet. When all was said and done, I wanted to cry at the beautiful sight of cupboards and fridges completely stocked full of food. We always have a lovely assortment of foods but whenever I go shopping, it's even more bountiful and just makes me giddy with joy of all the possible meals I can make! After that, I went to the mall to get some black moccasins. I found a really cute dress and got that as well as a little sweater and camisole to wear to the Hot August Nights sock hop tomorrow night. I then spent the evening watering the flowers, veggies, and hanging out with Lulu and Charlie in the back yard. Jesse got home later and we put Charlie to bed. I made salisbury steaks and noodles and Jesse and I enjoyed a nice dinner at home. Anyway, I'm still in a happy mood even though I have to fold laundry.

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MsVennie said...

days like these are great, aren't they? when things go well, and life is light.