Friday, August 28, 2009

In other gardening news...

Yesterday on the drive back to Reno, we stopped off at a fruit stand. I bought some apricots and a watermelon that didn't really seem that big when I got it, but when it got home and I started to cut it, it suddenly seemed to take on the character of a monster. Whenever I cut watermelon, I cut it and put it all in a bowl so I can pick pieces out and eat at my leisure without having to prep things or deal with throwing out trash. What can I say? I'm lazy.

And it's confirmed: the wumpkin is officially a watermelon. As much as I tried to hope it would turn into a pumpkin (I'm dead serious. I left for LA hoping I would come home to find tiny pumpkins and that I would have a weird retarded pumpkin that had disfigured leaves or something but in the end still made me a pumpkin, but no...) but that never happened. Instead, I came home to find a little watermelon forming, stripes and everything, and then some little yellow flowers. So no pumpkins for us this year, but it looks like we will have at least two confirmed watermelons. Woo!

So more gardening surprises: I have a bellpepper growing. Forget the fact that if it gets to a full size, it will probably drag on the ground because there's no way the plant is strong enough to hold up a full sized bellpepper, I have a bellpepper.

Also, Mr. Stubborn Sunflower is on his way out. But he did grow just in time for me to see him before I left and stayed long enough for me to see him when I got back.

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