Sunday, August 16, 2009

Inspiration from a Jew

Dave the Jew, actually. We were at the Big Reno Show today and ran into regular face/old school friend of Jesse's, Dave the Jew (I swear didn't make up that name, he came with it.) Anyway, he was talking about some custom ideas he had and we got to talking about randomness, particularly involving that of custom finishes, particularly engraving, etching, and things of the sort. Basically talking about different options and things of the sorts. I've toyed with the idea before but never acted on it till today. I bought a multipurpose crafting tool and started toying with it on an old junk stock Jesse had around the house. Turns out it's pretty easy crap. Just gotta play with most of the heads but in my experience (as a fine artist) this crap is basically like working calligraphy pens and pen and ink techniques. So right now I'm just toying with creating depth and textures and to be honest, loving every minute of it. I am absolutely fascinated with this new thing. I'm pretty pissed that my 50% off coupon expired yesterday and the portly staff at Joann fabric refused to honor it because I don't hafta sew my own clothes because they don't sell any my size. (I totally feel like Al Bundy right now by the way...) But that's ok. I'm having fun with my new $20 toy. Time to try out a different head...

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