Saturday, August 8, 2009

Jesse to the rescue: another weird dream

OK, so in reality, next door to us we have this house (it's also the same property management company and they screwed over another investor and it's for sale with tenants inside) and the people who live there are Hispanic and there's an elder adult male, two adult females, and two younger adult males as well as 3 older kids that speak English (the ones who thought I was two different ladies) and two toddlers/infants. They have a bunch of cars and don't have enough room to park in their driveway, so they park in the street in front of their house. Sometimes, they park dumb and partially block our driveway, or their friends who visit partially block our driveway, making us unable to leave our house if we had to. I believe this is a fire hazard or something but frankly, I don't feel like having shit problems like we had when we lived back home with our old neighbors that caused us 8 years of harassment and hell just because they felt like it and would do shit like that to us on purpose to get us to say things. These people, while douchebags that can't drive and obviously have way more people and cars than their lease says is allowable, have yet to do anything horrible to make me want to pop a cap in their ass. On the other side of them is a house that was bank owned for like forever and a day. A young white gal moved in there and she has help working on fixing the place up. I've seen them bringing in new stoves, sinks, counter tops, etc. She may have a boyfriend or husband, I'm not sure, I've seen the gal before and the guy is new so I dunno. Here's the dream:

The white lady was having a moving company come to deliver something and needed to have the front street open so they could park and deliver her item, however someone next door was parked in front of her house. She was freaking out and talking to another neighbor about it and didn't know what to do or whose car it was. Jesse and I were outside and over heard and said we bet it was next door's. Jesse told the lady he'd tell them to move it till her delivery was done. We see him walk off. Now, Jesse, at that point, had his Glock 36 with him, but all of a sudden, someone comes out and moves the car, but Jesse doesn't come back. But all these scuzzy thug looking drug lord types start to walk over there and go inside. I freak out and tell them I think they're going to kill my husband and we need to go there to save him IMMEDIATELY!!! I ask if any of them have used guns before, one guy says yes, the rest say no. I tell them they have to come to my house and we need to get armed and go in and save Jesse. We go back to our house and I get everyone fitted with 9mm's because those are easy enough and most of our 9's are high capacity so it's not a huge issue. We also get spare magazines and head over. When we get there, I see a few people on the floor shot and then I see Jesse tied to a chair, beaten and he eyes to me like someone walked off to get a gun. We all split up and take rooms to find people, I untie Jesse and give him the spare Glock magazines and there's a huge shoot out. One of the guys looked like Jesus in Big Lebowski wearing a wifebeater and shooting an El Jeffe. We won and the only injury was a beaten up Jesse.

After telling Jesse about that dream, he looked at me and called me a goober but said thanks for saving him. Of course I'd save my booger! What? Did he think I'd let him die?

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