Friday, August 7, 2009

Sexy City

I'm one of those people that either is into things way before it's cool, or I get into it way after it's period of coolness existed. Anyway, I'm like that with Sex & The City (or as I call it, Sexy City to Charlie and Jesse). Well the other night was a rerun about Aiden getting an engagement ring for Carrie and I just thought it was pretty petty of her to find the ring and think it was horrendous. This is a guy going out of his way to find something for you. Her gripe was that it wasn't her style. Guys are fashion impaired for the most part, why would they pay attention to your style and figure out your jewelery taste. Most women have never owned expensive jewelery of the sorts until they get an engagement ring or whatever. So it's a little hard to say what one's fine jewelery style is until they are in a position to have some. So that made me wonder, if Jesse ever got me an engagement ring, what would it look like? I never wanted one because for starters, I get things that stick up stuck on things and I'm a pretty rough person and it would just be an all around bad idea for an engagement ring and then I just think it's not practical to spend money on something like that when you're not established in life with a good job, home, bills paid, etc. I'd rather someone get me something like that like year later. You know, like after we've been married 25 years or something. That's like an accomplishment. Like, hey, we've been married all these years. I put aside $10 a month for you for the past 25 years and got you a $3000 ring. That just seems so much more pleasant than saving 3 months pay and buying a ring. That is so tacky. Who made that rule? What if you saw a ring you like and it's only $500 or less? Whatever. Anyway, one day, if Jesse and I are at the mall, I want to go with him to a jewelery store and have him show me a ring he would have got as an engagement ring just out of curiosity to see what his taste in fine jewelery is for me. I think it could be fun. After all, we both came to an agreement on wedding bands (I liked the style, Jesse wanted yellow gold, I wanted white, but we both liked the yellow after trying them on...) Anyway, that's all I have to say.

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