Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What the heck is the NRA thinking!?


Really? Of all people you want to back, you back one of the major asshats of congress? While great politicians are far and few, you go out and make a move ever-so-bold as to back Harry F'ing Reid!? Are you kidding me? That's like the Anti Deformation League backing Hitler! It's absurd!

Jesse and I were, ironically, driving home from shooting on Sunday. It was a lovely day. We had the radio on and coincidentally, Gun Talk was on. Someone called in asking about what was up with the NRA backing Harry Reid. Jesse and I just had this awkward moment of dumbfounded silence and listened to the comment. The best the host could come up with was a simple game of politics and that good ol' "keep your friends close and your enemies closer" theory. NRA feels the need to endorse someone. Apparently, they don't know who the opposing candidate would be. Instead of doing the right thing and waiting to hear if the opposition is worthy of backing, they back Harry. If Harry wins and they back him, they get in good with him because they fund (read: bribe) him. If Harry loses, well, they didn't think that far because obviously, they weren't thinking at all.

I guess this goes back to my questioning of WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO HAVING A BACKBONE? I don't care what your political stance is, I just want you to BELIEVE in your cause. It is just so much more amazing when people have a belief system and are so headstrong and dedicated to their cause than it is to the person who flip flops to try and please everyone but is really just lying to someone, somewhere. Be it their own people or their opposition. Whatever the case, this is just sad.

I don't really know as much about the NRA as Jesse does. But the little bit I do know about them is that they seem to be like most contemporary politicians. It's a special interest group that will side up with anyone so long as they can win in the end. Even if it means stepping on those who support them. I don't care what their motivation is in this current decision, but I know it's angered a lot of their members, new and lifetime. I mean, at the rate their going, they might as well fund Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein in their future endeavors.

Is there a good pro-gun rights group out there? One that won't sell themselves or their members out because they're worried of losing face? Seriously, we're the ones with the guns. We have the power. It doesn't matter how many crappy politicians you have in office, no amount of politicains will ever outnumber the pro-gun legal gun owning voting citizens of this country. Period. There's no need to sell your soul to the Devil, NRA. Just tell Harry NO and instead of supporting him, support your cause and your members. Because they're the ones who keep your organization alive and running. Forget about what will happen if Harry wins again because honestly, there is no way in hell outside of a rigged election that Harry will ever get voted back into office again. A flaming turd could run against him and win. And even if he did win, Harry is just one guy. As much as he'd like to think him and his gun-hating posse have all this power, they don't. So stand strong to evil, NRA. Be there for your members, not another money-hungry corrupt politician.

Monday, September 28, 2009

An idea two years in the making...

So for the past 2 years I had this idea about concealed carry purses. I know they already exist but to be honest, I really dislike the options available. They're expensive. $300 roughly. They're not exactly the best looking. Galco makes some ok purses but I would never see myself owning one of their purses let alone spending $300 for one. So my idea kinda stems a little more into local events. Brianna Dennison was abducted, raped, murdered and suddenly all these college age girls were buying guns and wanting to carry but avoided it because they didn't want to change their style of dress because you can't put a gun, no matter how tiny, under fitted clothes, without it being noticeable. Their options were limited: wear baggier clothes, which was a thumbs down to most girls, or get a stylish fanny pack, obviously a bigger thumbs down. A lot of girls wound up not buying guns for that reason. Fashion was more important than safety. But was it too much to ask to not compromise one's safety or fashion? Could the two exist harmoniously on one parallel? So for two years I thought and thought and came up with a solution. It involved sewing. It involved a special design that wasn't being used on the other purses. Previous conceal carry purses used hard leather and a velcro adjustable holster system. Two things that limited the options of the design as well as jacked up the price. I managed to figure out a way of having a gun sit vertically in a purse within reach as well as a way to make it ambidextrous. So for the past few days I've been sewing and sewing and I've only managed to make 3 purses but I can say, for the materials, labor, and everything in between, in the end you have a product that is functional, cute, and not to mention cheaper than what is currently available. Anyway, long story short, I'm still working on sewing other products including a handy caddy that can turn any purse into a conceal carry purse, a stylish winter coat, and a holster I promise will be super amazing if I can find the materials I need to make it (so far, no luck but I'm not giving up the fight!) So yeah, I'm super excited to be doing this and if it becomes great, super, if not, it's not the end of the world, it just means I have a slew of new awesome conceal carry purses to myself. The end.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Are people for real?

I'm trying to find out some information for adding a bit of structure to fabric for purses and I come across this just I don't know what to call it website. It's a forum about Coach purses. They have cute purses but ok, these women were psychotic. They were talking about new purses coming out and referring to them by their names and were way too involved in a purse. I mean, really, it had it's own forum! I don't know what else to say other than I can understand if you're in a design industry and you need to know things of the sort but these were consumers. Creepy!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Haven't Sunday Random'ed in a while...

Today I saw what I consider to be the funniest sight in a long time. I was at the light on Kietzke at Plumb. A car pulls up next to me and is blaring really bad pop country. It gets worse. The driver is singing along to it and is VERY into it and singing VERY loud and proud. However the song he's listening to sounds kinda one way and his vocals sound like they have a Daughtryesque gruffness to them, yet with horrible pitch and tone. You can see how this would be amusing, right? I hold back my chuckles because I am eventually going to see this driver. He passes me up after the light turns green. Inside the car is a man about the size of a wrestler. The fact this man is singing the way he is makes this situation even funnier. Oh, but wait, I'm not done! There's icing on this cake, see? He's a big guy singing totally into his bad music in his, drumroll, please... Honda Civic Hatchback!!! OH!!! This was a sight for sore eyes! It made my day!

So after I see super into-it car singalong guy, I go to Joann Fabric for their coupon commotion. I bought a bunch of fabric for my latest endeavor which is actually a 2 year idea I've decided to finally do something about after seeing so many people doing start up businesses to success. I figure, I don't have a cheezy get-rich-quick scheme. I don't have a fad idea. I have a product I know exists in a really bad form and basically I've taken a pre-existing idea and made it better, so to say, prettier? In all the 2 years I've been thinking about this idea, I've done a lot of research mostly from web searching, industry searching, market research of consumers (you know, asking the average person in my demographic what they are looking for). Stuff like that. Anyway, I've taken a few steps towards doing this and it's mostly going to be a boutique type service in the sense I'm not going to offer this product on a large scale basis. Sure, I could very easily sell the concept to someone else but I just feel if it became someone else's problem, it would lose it's personal feel and in my mind, the touch that makes it unique from the current products. Anyway, if you know me, you know the product and what I speak of. If you don't, I'm still keeping it low key till I get a few things squared away because I want to do this whole thing the right way.

In other news, I've been going on a few job interviews but not hearing back. Seems to be the usual. Someone interviews you and will either have the decency to email or call back that they went with someone else or just never even get back to you. Personally, I think it's very rude to not follow up with someone when you say you will. That type of behavior says a lot to me about the type of company you run if you don't give people the time of day and quite frankly, in a world where customer service is a top priority, I don't know that I would want to be associated with a place that doesn't treat it's employees well because chances are they do the same to their customers. And of course usually when I hear back it's the same thing, "You're overqualified for the position, we went with someone else." I was even told by one agency that I should dumb down my resume if I hope to get a job. In this economy, so many people are so desperate for work they'll take anything. It's not out of the norm to see college grads or people who had management jobs in the past working as cashiers or barristas. People who are qualified to be IT professionals, designers, business majors, and the sort. It's crazy bad. Right now is definitely an employers market and a lot of them are afraid to hire the "over skilled" for fears that they'll leave when a better job comes. It's also spiking down wages. Since so many people are so desperate to work, a lot have become less demanding in terms of pay. They'll take anything. Employers know about this desperation. Most people are living on unemployment, 401k's, savings or odd and end jobs. And so a lot of employers are taking advantage of this. Lay off the long term high salary pro's, hire a new desperate college grad, or start offering a position that would normally pay a certain amount for less than what it should be. It's fascinating hearing all the stories of people who have lost jobs the last few years. Hopefully things get better soon, but I have my doubts.

On a lighter note, my friend Chrissy and I have been going on walks every day. She wants to get in better shape and needs some support. I have the time and don't mind waking her up every day around 9:30 to walk around Virginia Lake. Although I've been feeling a little high strung and broke down and went on a jog with Lulu around the neighborhood. It was awesome and I feel totally relaxed right now.

I really need to work on my posture. I slouch too much.

I made some weird veggie juice. I call it Veggie Swill. I originally wanted to use it as a weekend detox because I've been having pooping issues. I felt like I had to flush my gut but it didn't work and I can't help but eat when Jesse comes home. So I've decided to do a modified detox. Drink 64 oz water each day, drink 2 glasses of veggie swill throughout the day, have some fruit for lunch, and then regular dinner. I sat down and was analyzing my daily food intake and realize I was getting way too much processed sugars and starches. Noodles are my worst culprits. I am a noodle fiend whether it be mac and cheese, pasta roni type things, or just general spaghetti, I eat way too much noodles. But I live off carbs right now and that needs to change. It would be ok if I was getting a lot of exercise to burn them, but I don't. Even with the walks with Chrissy, it isn't the right amount of high-impact calorie burning I need to keep up with that eating lifestyle. So yeah, I'm gonna do a modified veggie swill pseudo detox for as long as it takes for the mixture to be gone. I figure another 2 or 3 days. After that, I need to up the veggie/fruit intake and just watch my noodles. I also need to watch my butter intake. It's another villain in my dietary life. I put butter on EVERYTHING. When I say butter I mean margarine it's just easier to type butter. But yeah, that can't be good for my cholesterol levels. Honestly, last time I had a physical, all that stuff was good and fine but if I keep up the way I'm going, by the time I'm in my late 30's it won't be so great. The time to act is now. I believe everything is fine in moderation but there also need to be a few modifications. So yeah, I've swapped out my processed sugars with natural sugars. No more soda. If I do have soda it will be limited to no more than 8 oz a day, which is technically the allowable daily amount to be healthy. No more white carbs. They all get switched over to browns. Wheat noodles, wheat bread, brown rice, etc. Not the most fun but I can live with it. And of course, the hardest, I will have to stop with the boxed sides like past ronis and what not. I'll look into making my own sorts. I'm sure it won't be the end of the world.

I got a belly band holster. I've been wanting one since I saw one the first time a few weeks ago. I love it but it gave me a really gnarly ouch on my hip. Basically rubbed my skin raw. It's small so it's not the end of the world but I was super psyched when Jesse told me they got some at his work.

I've also been on this whole personal defense kick lately. I've been totally intrigued with things people can do to prevent becoming a victim. The reality of things are that you don't want your gun to be your only defense. It should be your last line of defense. It is so fascinating to learn just little things to prevent yourself from looking like a sitting duck to a criminal. I think a lot of this fascination has a lot to do with some of the fishy stuff that's been going on in our neighborhood lately, which coincides with certain activities going on in our alley. Oh, and another thing, there was a lady who used to live next door to us and she disappeared one day. I think she moved in the night or something. I used to think she was a drug dealer or buying drugs or something because she'd do that whole get into a car for a minute or two and then go back in her house. Sometimes they'd drive around the block and come back. Well she doesn't live there anymore and strangely enough, now there's activity in the alley that strikes me as drug activity. I wonder if the people in the alley picked up her old customers or what? Kinda weird. Anyway, I just keep an eye out on things.

So that's about all that's going on in the world. Nothing huge. Nothing too exciting. I just feel like I've been on one of those neglecting-to-blog kicks and I just need to get back into the swing of things.

The end.

Friday, September 18, 2009

You were in a car!!!

I check the crime stats of Reno frequently and kinda try to track the types of crimes going on in certain places so I know what places are safe and what places aren't. I know that if two guys came up to my car with knives and wanted my money, I would just drive away. Unless of course she wasn't in the car and was next to it when the crime happened. But still, that's pretty lame. It takes 2 guys with big knives to rob 1 woman? Tsk tsk tsk... criminals are pretty lame.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Swim Like A Stingray

Stingrays, while being called a dangerous creature because of their stingers, are part of the shark family. They are looked at as being even more vicious because of their family they belong to. However, stingrays are very gentle creatures. They sit in the sand most of the time or swim around gathering leftover fish parts that have fallen on the ocean floors from other hunter predators. When they are put into a dangerous situation, they will quickly glide away, using their vast pectoral wing-like fins to swim out of danger. The only time a stingray will ever use it's stinger is if it is in imminent danger and has no other way out. The stinger is a last resort defense mechanism in a situation in which there is no other way to save their lives.

I learned some very frightening things today. Women are more likely to be victims of violent crimes than men. 1 in 6 women will be raped at least once in her lifetime. (Thinking back to birth class when they said 1 in 4 women would need a c-section and I was one of them really makes this statistic even more disturbing to realize.) If someone breaks into your home, there is a 1 in 3 chance crime of opportunity that a woman will be raped and a 1 in 3 chance regardless of sex that you will be violently attacked.

You can choose to be a victim or not. If you choose to not be a victim, you need to shoot to kill. Not to injure, not to scare off. You also can't just shoot someone for being in your house or for walking too close to you. There's this whole criteria that you need to make a judgment in a matter of seconds as to whether or not shooting someone in the answer. In some cases, it's simple. You're at Walmart, someone is following you to your car or a little too close for comfort. You can just walk back into the store. You're walking to your car and someone comes up from behind you with weapon and you are in immediate danger and can't help it, you shoot.

If you choose to protect someone who is in danger of serious bodily harm or murder, there is a chance you can injur or kill them. But whatever you do to them isn't as horrible as the fate that would come to them if they wind up in the criminal's hands; you don't want someone to take your child or spouse because they will kill them and more than likely, they will rape and/or torture them before killing them. At the same time, you need to judge when it's ok to be a hero and when it's not. You're in a bank, someone passes the teller a note to give them money and they have a gun. Your life isn't in danger but you don't know if the teller is in danger. Or they come in and shoot a round at something or in the air and say to drop and rob the place. Well they have a weapon but unless you know for a fact you have a good shot, it's probably best to just play dead. Of course if they start shooting at people and you fear you might be next or you fear someone will be killed, you have the choice to shoot. It needs to be highly justifyable and your life needs to be in danger or someone you're choosing to protect. Of course when it's not you that you're protecting, there are so many grey areas. It turns into an issue of good samaritan and were you a good samaritan by shooting someone who threatened someone with a gun but didn't shoot? It's all a game of judgment and situation.

After all, killing someone in the name of defense is a murder none the less. Is it looked at differently from another murder? Again, it comes down to the situation and circumstances. If it's a case of serious bodily injury or death and you had no other choice, it can be justifiable homicide. More than likely, you shoot in defense, you will get handcuffed, arrested, and need to go to court. If it's judge justifyable charges are dropped. But you still have to live with having shot someone and the trauma that comes with it. But you will have your life.

Sure having a gun evens the odds. You don't take a knife to a gun fight. At the same time, people should be like stingrays. Don't go looking for trouble. Don't go shooting if you can avoid it. Have many plans. Try to be safe. Try to not put yourself in situations that are dangerous. Sometimes you have no choice and it's just being a victim of dumb luck. But if you're aware enough that you can avoid it, try to be as safe as you can. No one should ever have to be put in a life or death situation at the hands of another person. But you can try to avoid it if you can. Swim like a stingray. Don't sting unless circumstances leave it as your only option.

Sunday Awesome!

Yesterday I was with a friend and her daughter helping her make her Halloween costume for her kiddo. We got fabric at Joann and then stopped by Savers to see if there was anything she could use for her costume. I've been wanting some black corduroy pants for the winter as I stupidly got rid of these really cute ones I used to have when I moved to downsize my closet contents. Well I found this really awesome Ralph Lauren pair for $7 but they were a size 10 and there was no way in heck I'd fit into those... but they were so awesome and cheap. I tried them on anyway to see how they wouldn't make it over my thighs but surprisingly they not only made it over my thighs, they also made it past my butt and were able to close. The losing factor in not getting them, though, is that with my pregnancy pouch, it looks like I have a muffin top and I am very against that look. I think the muffin top look is about as attractive as the thong hanging out of the back of your pants look. Ugh. Very gross. I didn't get them.

Non-awesomeness is the fact I Hate with a capital "H" Jesse's radio. I am a light sleeper in terms of early am and early pm sleep. Mid night sleeping I'm pretty deep though and can sleep through large scale earthquakes (true story.) Jesse sleeps with the radio on for whatever unknown reason. It drives me crazy! I can NOT fall asleep with it on. When I do finally get to sleep, it's usually an hour or two later and for the simple fact my body shuts down. Well due to this unhealthy falling asleep pattern, it leaves me feeling very tired the next day, not to mention grumpy. Most of the time, I'm not aware of how grumpy I am until it is pointed out to me, but I am one of those people if I don't get my full 8 hours of sleep a night, the world pays for it. And it's even worse if the lack of sleep is due to reasons not my own cause; weather, crying baby, radio.

Anyway, this morning his stupid radio wakes me up an hour earlier than I normally wake up. I hear the music for Dawn Patrol and the announcer directing the balloons to "Let 'em gloooooow..." and "Twinkle-twinkle". I look outside to see if I can see any Dawn Patrol action because we can see the balloons from our house, I just don't know if they're up high enough to see them glowing or not. No balloons. Of course by the time 6:00 am rolls around, I'm not able to go back to bed so I just get up. I did see one balloon floating behind some trees in the distance glowing occasionally but that was it. It was pretty neat none the less. I woke Jesse and told him about it. Yeah. How does that feel? Being woke up earlier than you planned because of something I deem necessary?

Today will be a neat day. I'm taking a course at the Women's Shooting Academy. But in addition to that, Jesse will finally (hopefully) get to know how difficult my days are with Charlie. He will get 8 uninterrupeted hours of having to watch him. That means making breakfast, changing diapers, cooking lunch, making sure he naps his full 3 hours, playing with him inside, outside, taking the pug out, cleaning the house and maybe if he's lucky, he'll be able to find a minute or two to rest. Again, he might find out why I perpetually scowl or am short with him when he gets home. It's nothing personal, its just raising a toddler can be a little strenuous sometimes. Especially during teething. So yeah, hopefully it's easy for him, but hopefully he gains a deeper appreciation for what I do all day. In addition to staying home and caring for Charlie I will find time to do side work too. Yeah, it is pretty hard work. I won't lie.

Anyway, I'm gonna go straighten my hair and get ready and have a cup of coffee and possibly change purses to one I can fit all my stuff for the day into.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Zucchini Bread

About 2 zucchinis ago, I grew tired of fried zucchini. I don't feel like making a ratatoulli because Jesse doesn't eat zucchini and Charlie doesn't seem fond of them. So I'm trying to find things to make with zucchinis. Today I decided to make a zucchini bread from the Bible aka Better Homes and Gardens Cook Book. I only needed 1 cup of shredded zucchini and of course I have two nice sized zucchinis. 1 cup left me with a little more than half a zucchini, so I doubled up the recipe and still had a decent sized left over piece. Well I know I'm not going to eat that much zucchini bread. So I'm letting Jesse take one to work with him tomorrow. It seemed like the right thing to do. Plus I like to bake him things for his coworkers because they're nice people and it's the decent thing to reward good employees.

What if everything you've been told for your entire life was a lie?

I remember 8 years ago today when I woke up to get ready to go to school. I saw some thing about the Twin Towers getting hit by a plane and didn't think anything of it. I simply shrugged, turned off the tv, and went to school. I recall the freeway being completely deserted. When I got to school, I had the same experience of nothing surrounding me. By that time, it felt like one of those Twilight Zones where it's a last-man-on-earth type episode. No students were seen. No teachers. No one. So I headed to my studio and worked on some things for a bit. After an hour or so, I got back in my car and drove home. I made something to eat, probably mac and cheese, and got a DrPepper. I checked my email and turned on the tv simultaneously. By that time, the Twin Towers were gone, the Pentagon was hit, and some other places and talk of terrorists and Bin Laden were going on and on. I was thinking in my head, "Who the hell is Bin Laden? Have I really not been paying attention to what's going on in the world that there's some guy who is more evil than Saddam Huessin and I didn't notice?" I felt out of the loop that I had swarms of emails about what happened and how everyone suspected Bin Laden. Meanwhile, I just read a paragraph or sentence and proceeded to check other emails before eventually getting sick of it all, turning off the tv, the computer, and taking a nap.

In my mind, none of it really added up and at the same time, I seemed apathetic about what happened while so many others were so emotionally involved. People were crying and enraged. Why? Did you lose a love one? No? Oh, well it's unfortunate but why are you crying? Did someone you know lose someone? It just didn't make sense to me. Then came the tribute concerts to raise money to help the families. Then the fashionable patriotism. It all seemed so absurd. Why did it take a disaster of this scale to make America care about their fellow countrymen? Why did it take this event to make people realize that maybe they should care more about others? Why the hell did this event make country music so damned popular when it's horrible? Why were people now so concerned about flying flags on holidays and putting yellow ribbon stickers on their cars? It seemed so, for lack of a better word, showy. Did any of these people really care about what they were doing, or the symbols of patriotism they were showing? Did any of them really support their troops? Support Our Troops. How? How do you support them? Are you sending monitary support? Food? Doing volunteer work at home? Agree with the fact they are being forced to fight a bogus war? What?

For me, 9/11 was just another day. In fact, I recall my alarm clock radio going off and Oingo Boingo's Just Another Day happened to be playing as it went off. I wasn't emotionally hurt by what happened. But I did wake up that day. I saw that what happened brought people together. But it wasn't in the true spirit of helping another man. It was in that selfish nature that people developed. People helped because it was the cool thing to do. People helped so they could say "I was a part of this". People helped not because they were concerned about their fellow man, they helped because they wanted in on the action. I woke up to realize what a selfish and absurd society our country has become. Everyone is so concerned about their best interest. What they can get out of life. Who they can sue for money. People don't truly care about other people. And I'm not gonna lie, I don't really care about strangers. I only care about my family, friends and community. I realize that there isn't anything I can do for people across the country so why should I spend my time worrying about it. When the problem comes to my community and it does directly affect me, then I will worry. I feel bad for them, but the reality of it is, there's nothing I can do immediately at that moment to help.

In the aftermath of 9/11, I became more aware of the world around me. I started to watch the news more. I started to pay attention to politics. I started to realize how bias the media is and which news channels would give you a Republican view and which would give you a Democrat view but none seemed to tell straight facts. A few years ago, my husband who was just my friend at the time, turned me on to a site called www.infowars.com . It wasn't a right or left wing news feed. It was just news. It was information that was pulled directly from source mouths. Cited facts. Not slants. I realized then, that the world around me was not as it appeared for the past 24 years. There was other stuff going on. All the stuff about 9/11 that didn't make sense was starting to make sense with all the other information that was out there. It was almost like Field of Dreams, "If you build it, they will come." This man, Alex Jones, he knew that the information and the facts were out there and if he could make a place for these facts, people would listen. Lots of people got upset. He gets lots of hate mail and calls. But he also makes people think. What if everything you've been told for your entire life was a lie? What if there was a truth that no one wanted you to know? What if you started to gather pieces of the truth and it upset you? Would you believe it? Would you ignore it even if you had evidence it were true? It is so much easier to live a content, peaceful life of blind faith in what the media tells you as truth than it is to open up to the reality of their lies.

I no longer take the news seriously. I have serious doubts about politicians. I take anything people tell me with a grain of salt until I can find facts.

I believe that what happened on 9/11 was horrible. I believe that no man, woman, child, person, anyone, should have died a tragic death. I believe the families of those who lost loved ones should not live their life suffering the loss of their loved ones. And most of all, I believe the people who schemed this tragic event should be captured, held accountable, and punished for what they did. Unfortunately, I also believe that we will never catch those people. I also believe that God will judge them when their time comes and if they have an ounce of good in them, they will feel guilt, and living with that guilt for the rest of their lives, knowing they consciously did a horrendous thing all in the name of their greedy, selfish endeavours may be punishment enough; that no doctor, no drugs, no priest and no person or thing on earth could ever fix, and that guilt will be torment and punishment enough. Of course, I believe the people who schemed 9/11 don't have an ounce of good in them, because if they did, it never would have happened.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

I can smell fishy from miles away...

Even though my ability to smell is defunt, questionable at best, I can smell something fishy from miles away. Jesse and I went out shooting tonight. I was target practicing because I'm finally taking a gun course this weekend with the Women's Shooting Academy . Anyway, when we got home, I was putting up groceries. I thought I was going crazy for a moment and thought I saw a man walking up our drive way on the opposite side of the cars from the house by our neighbor's house. It was some tall skinny guy with a dark sweatshirt and it was weird because he was walking. I thought maybe it was one of the guys behind us or one of the people who buys drugs from them trying to get over there. Then again, if it was one of the guys behind us getting their mail, they do it from their side of the fence and if it were someone getting drugs from them, well they know where our neighbors live. It just didn't seem right. I told Jesse and went to the door and saw him walking down the street perpendicular to us.

Not too long after, I was cleaning my Bersa in the kitchen when our neighbor next door to us came up to our door and asked about the man. Apparently, he was in her back yard! Her husband asked him what he was doing and the guy claimed he was looking at the houses that were for sale. OK, well, why are you doing it at night when it's dark and on foot? Something tells me this guy was trying to scout out places or even rob them. I'm glad I'm taking a course this weekend though. With this economy, there's all sorts of crazies about. I want to make a sign that says "Home Protected By Castle Doctrine: Tresspassers Will Be Shot." or something like that.

I know some people would feel scared or something in a situation like that but personally, I feel more relieved. Relieved that we have the abilities to defend ourselves. Relieved that the gov't out in Nevada believes in protecting it's home owners and people and not criminals. Relieved that our neighbors, while we are not friends or even acquaintences at best, will look out for us. I also feel insulted that someone who sees all of our blatant gun owner bumper stickers on our cars dares step foot on our property unwelcomed. At the same time, I also feel a little silly as I had my gun out on the table and was preparing to clean it and whoever walked down our driveway towards our neighbor's house must have certainly seen that same said gun and was probably scared shitless when they saw me walking to the back end of the house towards them (even though I didn't even notice them and was actually walking to get some cleaning patches). Whoever that was must have though they were not going to make it out alive and got to walking fast. He must have ran off or something because when I noticed him and went to check out front, he was already across the street and going down another block. There's no way he walked from our house to where he was at in the time it took me to walk from the back of the house to the front.

Anyway, to mystery man who was doing stuff he shouldn't be doing and plotting no good, a warning to you: step food on my property again and I'll go Clint Eastwood Gran Torino on your ass. Get off my lawn.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A place called home

Later in the day, Jesse had to go out and test fire some guns he worked on recently. We took Chrissy out with us and let her try out some guns. She seemed to like my S&W best. Phil also went out with us. We shot a lot of guns and had a nice time. Charlie liked watching and fell asleep on the way home.

It's funny because whenever I go back home to visit my parents, I feel like a stranger. Even though they live in the house I grew up in and it hasn't changed much since I left, I now feel like it's not my home anymore. Sure, I know where everything is and where things go, but I just don't feel like I belong there anymore. I've been in Reno long enough to know this is my new home and I am completely content here. I love it out here. I'm ok with only having a few friends. I'm sure I'll meet more the longer I'm out here. But I genuinely like it out here. I don't mind if we live in an apartment or a home, I just like it out here. That's all.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Attempted suicide is lame

The other day, a friend of mine was telling me about how this douche bag she dated tried to pull some suicide attempt act on her for attention. This was especially troubling to her because she has had a few relatives commit suicide in her family. We were talking about how it's lame when people talk about how they try to commit suicide because people who really want to die will kill themselves. Strangely enough, I've known of many a people who have had someone they know commit suicide, all in different ways. A girl in high school had an ex-boyfriend who's sister killed herself by tying a brick to her and drowning herself in their back yard pool. One of the teachers at my elementary school had a husband shoot himself. Jesse knew someone out here who killed herself because of cancer. Basically after discussing all the real suicides we knew, we were talking about how lame it is when people "try" to kill themselves. Basically we concluded if someone wants to die so badly they'll go through with it unless something botches their plans. You know, like someone finds you or something. I think lots of times when people do things like try to OD on pills or slit wrists or whatever, they really are just trying to get attention of some sort because face it, if you really want to go, you don't care about the pain. Nothing is more painful than your life and you can't hang with it and a bullet to your head or slitting your wrists or suffocating, whatever, none of that is as bad as life in your mind. Life and death is a serious thing. It's not up to you to decide if you live or die. To make a decision like that is greedy and selfish and not part of your plan in life. It's also a cop out. It's so much easier to not deal with reality than to step up and be proactive. Anyway, I thought I'd post about that. It has nothing to do with anything really, just a little take a moment and think about stuff type thing. You know, life is hard, but you can deal with the cards you're handed or fold. And it's lame to pretend to be out of the game if you just want attention.

Are you spry?

I have major designer ADD and get bored of my website design every few months. So I have a great idea (I've been wanting a cleaner look to the site personally and while I enjoyed my living-room inspired look, I feel it's a little too busy) and it involves me using programs and playing with things and long story short, I was able to accomplish part of the look I was going for. The only down side is the stupid menu bar decides it wants to have an invisible place holder for the sub categories. I wish they would just drop down over whatever I have, but oh well. Anyway, I've finally settled on something I like. For now. I'm sure I'll forever be trying to figure out to fix that one kink and once I do I'll be fine. I just feel weird because I don't have any instructions in using Dreamweaver and I feel like I'm starting to take advantage of some of it's other features, which is part of why I'm re-doing my site, to just get a feel of what's going on. Anyway, like I said, I'm happy for now. I spent a few hours playing with it last night and looking things up online and watching youtube tutorials, etc. But now I have a new look. A very plain and simple one. But I like it. My back got a kink just now. I'm gonna make some lunch and hang out and do laundry. Fun. I hate laundry. The end.

Friday, September 4, 2009

I Hate Bankers... more...

Jesse always deposits his checks into my bank account and I pay all bills and do grocery shopping. It works out well that way. We've been doing it this way since we moved to Reno back in 2007. I've always done the same thing whenever I make deposits: fill out a deposit slip, Jesse signs his checks and I sign below it, and he'll go with me or give me his ID and I just go to the drive thru banker thing and it's lovely and done in about 5 minutes.

Well not today.

Today, I am there in my car, WITH my husband at my side. I am doing a straight deposit. Jesse's work made a mistake on his check and it wasn't his full check but only $178. Right now I have close to $800 in my account because my landlord hasn't cashed the rent check yet. The banker tells me they can't do it. Really? Because I've done this for 2 years straight and now I can't? I ask for a manager and he says no. I ask why and he says, "Because it's a risk." Really? A risk? What's the risk? He says it's a big risk. What? You do a straight deposit into my account and hold funds till the check clears the next day? That's a risk? Oh, and it's a risk because I have close to $800 in my account? I'm gonna rip you off? Do I look like a fucking terrorist? Do I look like Osama Bin Laden or something? What? What, banker piece of shit?

Seriously, you're a fucking banker. You're not God. You make like $12 an hour and you think you're the shit just because you can tell people what they can and can't do with their money? I am so sick and tired of these fucking kid bankers who are younger than me and don't feel like doing the two extra steps to do their job THEY get paid to do. Again, there's lots of great people who need jobs and don't have them and these stupid ass bankers go around with their Louis Vuitton purses, Civics, and drink every Friday at the clubs and bars like they're the shit because they're bankers. YOU'RE A FUCKING BANKER! GET OVER YOURSELF! You handle people's money and there's so many money issues now days. That'd be like a doctor who constantly gets sued for malpractice acting like he's the shit because he's a doctor. Fucking bankers, I fucking hate them...

Baby bow headbands

I was recently asked if I knew how to make baby bow headbands with satin ribbons. Well, here's a craft project for anyone who can barely sew or someone who is a seasoned pro. What you'll need:

Needle/Thread or sewing machine/thread
Elastic (preferably one that is the same width as the bow you plan to use or close to it)

1. Take your ribbon and wrap one piece over. This will be half the width of your total bow. You can make it larger or smaller to your desired bow size.

2. Fold the rest of the ribbon over to the center to create the other half of the bow.
Repeat step 2 as many times as you want your bow to continue. For this project, we're going to do a double bow with 2 loops on the left and right side of our center. You can do more or less loops.

3. Pin in place in the center and cut off tag end of ribbon.

4. Sew the middle together to hold the place of the ribbon.

5. Attach your center bow piece with same piece of thread.
Wrap center around the front of the bow and sew closed when you come back to your starting point on the back.
Cut off tag end of ribbon and stitch over to secure.

6. Measure around your baby's head. Cut a piece of ribbon 1/4" longer than your baby's head. This is for the headband part. Attach the bow to the headband, tie off thread and cut.

7. Cut elastic 1" smaller than the width of your baby's head. Attach it to your headband portion. Stretch it as you sew so that it reaches the end of your ribbon.
This will create a rippled as you sew and make sure your headband is fitted but with stretching abilities to fit your baby's head.
Sew on the top and bottom edges of your ribbon and tie off when finished.

8. Finally, turn your headband inside-out and sew the edges of the ribbon together to create a loop.

Your headband is finished!

OK, obviously, I fudged the finished project because I have a son and don't feel like making an entire bow headband and simply did this for illustrative purposes for someone who wanted to make her daughter satin ribbon bow headbands.

This same concept can be altered by using fabric too. You'll have to make your own self-material ribbons with fabric obviously, and instead of doing the elastic on the outside, I would sew it inside of the fabric, but the idea is pretty much the same. You can get all creative with it. Add little buttons, flowers, whatever for holiday purposes. Make a Christmas or Halloween bow. You get the point.

Have fun and happy crafting!

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Last year was Charlie's first Halloween and I didn't get him a costume really because he was too small to do anything. He had a onesie with a pumpkin face and hat and that was his costume. But this year, we're going trick-or-treating and doing a costume and the whole shebang. I'm probably going to make him a costume because it'd be cheaper to sew than to buy. So what is his first REAL costume going to be you ask? He is going to be a Little Bad Wolf. Somewhere at my mom's house in my surplus of childhood costumes she made us, I have a red cape when I was Little Red Riding Hood. So I am going to be Big Red Riding Hood. I figure if I'm gonna take him out, I'm dressing up too. So be it. Maybe we can have Jesse dress up as the Woodsman if we can convince him to go out with us. Hey, if he goes, that means double the candy, right? Or triple? Whatever. I'm taking a bag for me too. If I'm walking, I want candy as well. Anyway, I'm pretty psyched. I gotta see if we're gonna get a Trick-Or-Treat posse going. I know I want to decorate Charlie's stroller or waggon with lights and spiderwebs and stuff too because that will be more fun. I'm thinking of making Lulu a little night gown costume and she can be Grandma. Aaah, I'm such a dork...