Monday, September 7, 2009

Attempted suicide is lame

The other day, a friend of mine was telling me about how this douche bag she dated tried to pull some suicide attempt act on her for attention. This was especially troubling to her because she has had a few relatives commit suicide in her family. We were talking about how it's lame when people talk about how they try to commit suicide because people who really want to die will kill themselves. Strangely enough, I've known of many a people who have had someone they know commit suicide, all in different ways. A girl in high school had an ex-boyfriend who's sister killed herself by tying a brick to her and drowning herself in their back yard pool. One of the teachers at my elementary school had a husband shoot himself. Jesse knew someone out here who killed herself because of cancer. Basically after discussing all the real suicides we knew, we were talking about how lame it is when people "try" to kill themselves. Basically we concluded if someone wants to die so badly they'll go through with it unless something botches their plans. You know, like someone finds you or something. I think lots of times when people do things like try to OD on pills or slit wrists or whatever, they really are just trying to get attention of some sort because face it, if you really want to go, you don't care about the pain. Nothing is more painful than your life and you can't hang with it and a bullet to your head or slitting your wrists or suffocating, whatever, none of that is as bad as life in your mind. Life and death is a serious thing. It's not up to you to decide if you live or die. To make a decision like that is greedy and selfish and not part of your plan in life. It's also a cop out. It's so much easier to not deal with reality than to step up and be proactive. Anyway, I thought I'd post about that. It has nothing to do with anything really, just a little take a moment and think about stuff type thing. You know, life is hard, but you can deal with the cards you're handed or fold. And it's lame to pretend to be out of the game if you just want attention.

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The Joo said...

Even lamer: Kenny's bro who constantly tell sure "he'd kill himself if not for worrying about making his family pay for the funeral". Ah yes, such a martyr, staying alive to save us money... Really he'd never kill himself, just wants the attention.