Friday, September 4, 2009

Baby bow headbands

I was recently asked if I knew how to make baby bow headbands with satin ribbons. Well, here's a craft project for anyone who can barely sew or someone who is a seasoned pro. What you'll need:

Needle/Thread or sewing machine/thread
Elastic (preferably one that is the same width as the bow you plan to use or close to it)

1. Take your ribbon and wrap one piece over. This will be half the width of your total bow. You can make it larger or smaller to your desired bow size.

2. Fold the rest of the ribbon over to the center to create the other half of the bow.
Repeat step 2 as many times as you want your bow to continue. For this project, we're going to do a double bow with 2 loops on the left and right side of our center. You can do more or less loops.

3. Pin in place in the center and cut off tag end of ribbon.

4. Sew the middle together to hold the place of the ribbon.

5. Attach your center bow piece with same piece of thread.
Wrap center around the front of the bow and sew closed when you come back to your starting point on the back.
Cut off tag end of ribbon and stitch over to secure.

6. Measure around your baby's head. Cut a piece of ribbon 1/4" longer than your baby's head. This is for the headband part. Attach the bow to the headband, tie off thread and cut.

7. Cut elastic 1" smaller than the width of your baby's head. Attach it to your headband portion. Stretch it as you sew so that it reaches the end of your ribbon.
This will create a rippled as you sew and make sure your headband is fitted but with stretching abilities to fit your baby's head.
Sew on the top and bottom edges of your ribbon and tie off when finished.

8. Finally, turn your headband inside-out and sew the edges of the ribbon together to create a loop.

Your headband is finished!

OK, obviously, I fudged the finished project because I have a son and don't feel like making an entire bow headband and simply did this for illustrative purposes for someone who wanted to make her daughter satin ribbon bow headbands.

This same concept can be altered by using fabric too. You'll have to make your own self-material ribbons with fabric obviously, and instead of doing the elastic on the outside, I would sew it inside of the fabric, but the idea is pretty much the same. You can get all creative with it. Add little buttons, flowers, whatever for holiday purposes. Make a Christmas or Halloween bow. You get the point.

Have fun and happy crafting!

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MsVennie said...

awwww, Jen! Love these! Girl, you are uber multi talented! Love it!