Thursday, September 3, 2009


Last year was Charlie's first Halloween and I didn't get him a costume really because he was too small to do anything. He had a onesie with a pumpkin face and hat and that was his costume. But this year, we're going trick-or-treating and doing a costume and the whole shebang. I'm probably going to make him a costume because it'd be cheaper to sew than to buy. So what is his first REAL costume going to be you ask? He is going to be a Little Bad Wolf. Somewhere at my mom's house in my surplus of childhood costumes she made us, I have a red cape when I was Little Red Riding Hood. So I am going to be Big Red Riding Hood. I figure if I'm gonna take him out, I'm dressing up too. So be it. Maybe we can have Jesse dress up as the Woodsman if we can convince him to go out with us. Hey, if he goes, that means double the candy, right? Or triple? Whatever. I'm taking a bag for me too. If I'm walking, I want candy as well. Anyway, I'm pretty psyched. I gotta see if we're gonna get a Trick-Or-Treat posse going. I know I want to decorate Charlie's stroller or waggon with lights and spiderwebs and stuff too because that will be more fun. I'm thinking of making Lulu a little night gown costume and she can be Grandma. Aaah, I'm such a dork...

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