Friday, September 4, 2009

I Hate Bankers... more...

Jesse always deposits his checks into my bank account and I pay all bills and do grocery shopping. It works out well that way. We've been doing it this way since we moved to Reno back in 2007. I've always done the same thing whenever I make deposits: fill out a deposit slip, Jesse signs his checks and I sign below it, and he'll go with me or give me his ID and I just go to the drive thru banker thing and it's lovely and done in about 5 minutes.

Well not today.

Today, I am there in my car, WITH my husband at my side. I am doing a straight deposit. Jesse's work made a mistake on his check and it wasn't his full check but only $178. Right now I have close to $800 in my account because my landlord hasn't cashed the rent check yet. The banker tells me they can't do it. Really? Because I've done this for 2 years straight and now I can't? I ask for a manager and he says no. I ask why and he says, "Because it's a risk." Really? A risk? What's the risk? He says it's a big risk. What? You do a straight deposit into my account and hold funds till the check clears the next day? That's a risk? Oh, and it's a risk because I have close to $800 in my account? I'm gonna rip you off? Do I look like a fucking terrorist? Do I look like Osama Bin Laden or something? What? What, banker piece of shit?

Seriously, you're a fucking banker. You're not God. You make like $12 an hour and you think you're the shit just because you can tell people what they can and can't do with their money? I am so sick and tired of these fucking kid bankers who are younger than me and don't feel like doing the two extra steps to do their job THEY get paid to do. Again, there's lots of great people who need jobs and don't have them and these stupid ass bankers go around with their Louis Vuitton purses, Civics, and drink every Friday at the clubs and bars like they're the shit because they're bankers. YOU'RE A FUCKING BANKER! GET OVER YOURSELF! You handle people's money and there's so many money issues now days. That'd be like a doctor who constantly gets sued for malpractice acting like he's the shit because he's a doctor. Fucking bankers, I fucking hate them...

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MsVennie said...

wow - that is super ass frustrating.

maybe you could set him up on direct deposit to avoid having to deal with this!

sheesh - everything is checks and credit cards nowadays, huh.