Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday Awesome!

Yesterday I was with a friend and her daughter helping her make her Halloween costume for her kiddo. We got fabric at Joann and then stopped by Savers to see if there was anything she could use for her costume. I've been wanting some black corduroy pants for the winter as I stupidly got rid of these really cute ones I used to have when I moved to downsize my closet contents. Well I found this really awesome Ralph Lauren pair for $7 but they were a size 10 and there was no way in heck I'd fit into those... but they were so awesome and cheap. I tried them on anyway to see how they wouldn't make it over my thighs but surprisingly they not only made it over my thighs, they also made it past my butt and were able to close. The losing factor in not getting them, though, is that with my pregnancy pouch, it looks like I have a muffin top and I am very against that look. I think the muffin top look is about as attractive as the thong hanging out of the back of your pants look. Ugh. Very gross. I didn't get them.

Non-awesomeness is the fact I Hate with a capital "H" Jesse's radio. I am a light sleeper in terms of early am and early pm sleep. Mid night sleeping I'm pretty deep though and can sleep through large scale earthquakes (true story.) Jesse sleeps with the radio on for whatever unknown reason. It drives me crazy! I can NOT fall asleep with it on. When I do finally get to sleep, it's usually an hour or two later and for the simple fact my body shuts down. Well due to this unhealthy falling asleep pattern, it leaves me feeling very tired the next day, not to mention grumpy. Most of the time, I'm not aware of how grumpy I am until it is pointed out to me, but I am one of those people if I don't get my full 8 hours of sleep a night, the world pays for it. And it's even worse if the lack of sleep is due to reasons not my own cause; weather, crying baby, radio.

Anyway, this morning his stupid radio wakes me up an hour earlier than I normally wake up. I hear the music for Dawn Patrol and the announcer directing the balloons to "Let 'em gloooooow..." and "Twinkle-twinkle". I look outside to see if I can see any Dawn Patrol action because we can see the balloons from our house, I just don't know if they're up high enough to see them glowing or not. No balloons. Of course by the time 6:00 am rolls around, I'm not able to go back to bed so I just get up. I did see one balloon floating behind some trees in the distance glowing occasionally but that was it. It was pretty neat none the less. I woke Jesse and told him about it. Yeah. How does that feel? Being woke up earlier than you planned because of something I deem necessary?

Today will be a neat day. I'm taking a course at the Women's Shooting Academy. But in addition to that, Jesse will finally (hopefully) get to know how difficult my days are with Charlie. He will get 8 uninterrupeted hours of having to watch him. That means making breakfast, changing diapers, cooking lunch, making sure he naps his full 3 hours, playing with him inside, outside, taking the pug out, cleaning the house and maybe if he's lucky, he'll be able to find a minute or two to rest. Again, he might find out why I perpetually scowl or am short with him when he gets home. It's nothing personal, its just raising a toddler can be a little strenuous sometimes. Especially during teething. So yeah, hopefully it's easy for him, but hopefully he gains a deeper appreciation for what I do all day. In addition to staying home and caring for Charlie I will find time to do side work too. Yeah, it is pretty hard work. I won't lie.

Anyway, I'm gonna go straighten my hair and get ready and have a cup of coffee and possibly change purses to one I can fit all my stuff for the day into.

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