Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What the heck is the NRA thinking!?


Really? Of all people you want to back, you back one of the major asshats of congress? While great politicians are far and few, you go out and make a move ever-so-bold as to back Harry F'ing Reid!? Are you kidding me? That's like the Anti Deformation League backing Hitler! It's absurd!

Jesse and I were, ironically, driving home from shooting on Sunday. It was a lovely day. We had the radio on and coincidentally, Gun Talk was on. Someone called in asking about what was up with the NRA backing Harry Reid. Jesse and I just had this awkward moment of dumbfounded silence and listened to the comment. The best the host could come up with was a simple game of politics and that good ol' "keep your friends close and your enemies closer" theory. NRA feels the need to endorse someone. Apparently, they don't know who the opposing candidate would be. Instead of doing the right thing and waiting to hear if the opposition is worthy of backing, they back Harry. If Harry wins and they back him, they get in good with him because they fund (read: bribe) him. If Harry loses, well, they didn't think that far because obviously, they weren't thinking at all.

I guess this goes back to my questioning of WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO HAVING A BACKBONE? I don't care what your political stance is, I just want you to BELIEVE in your cause. It is just so much more amazing when people have a belief system and are so headstrong and dedicated to their cause than it is to the person who flip flops to try and please everyone but is really just lying to someone, somewhere. Be it their own people or their opposition. Whatever the case, this is just sad.

I don't really know as much about the NRA as Jesse does. But the little bit I do know about them is that they seem to be like most contemporary politicians. It's a special interest group that will side up with anyone so long as they can win in the end. Even if it means stepping on those who support them. I don't care what their motivation is in this current decision, but I know it's angered a lot of their members, new and lifetime. I mean, at the rate their going, they might as well fund Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein in their future endeavors.

Is there a good pro-gun rights group out there? One that won't sell themselves or their members out because they're worried of losing face? Seriously, we're the ones with the guns. We have the power. It doesn't matter how many crappy politicians you have in office, no amount of politicains will ever outnumber the pro-gun legal gun owning voting citizens of this country. Period. There's no need to sell your soul to the Devil, NRA. Just tell Harry NO and instead of supporting him, support your cause and your members. Because they're the ones who keep your organization alive and running. Forget about what will happen if Harry wins again because honestly, there is no way in hell outside of a rigged election that Harry will ever get voted back into office again. A flaming turd could run against him and win. And even if he did win, Harry is just one guy. As much as he'd like to think him and his gun-hating posse have all this power, they don't. So stand strong to evil, NRA. Be there for your members, not another money-hungry corrupt politician.

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