Friday, September 18, 2009

You were in a car!!!

I check the crime stats of Reno frequently and kinda try to track the types of crimes going on in certain places so I know what places are safe and what places aren't. I know that if two guys came up to my car with knives and wanted my money, I would just drive away. Unless of course she wasn't in the car and was next to it when the crime happened. But still, that's pretty lame. It takes 2 guys with big knives to rob 1 woman? Tsk tsk tsk... criminals are pretty lame.

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MsVennie said...

If 2 guys come to rob me, they BETTER have knives, because if not, depending on their sizes, I'd probably beat the shit out of them.

Criminals suck period. They make our society slip slowly down and leave the streets UNSAFE for our children. I wish we had harsher laws in our country so our crime rate would go down.