Friday, October 23, 2009

A day full of hilarious mistakes

OK, I lied. There were just two.

First mistake:

I gave Charlie one of Chrissy's Halloween cupcakes around 2:00 pm as a fun Friday treat. Big mistake. It was a black frosted mess and Charlie was in cupcake mess Heaven. He had black frosting all over his chin and hands and looked like he was either one of those creepy hobo clowns or he had black face like the white actors used to do back in the day to play black people. It was all kinds of wrong and he loved it. He managed to somehow get a gob of frosting in his pant pockets. I have no idea how and I don't know how to comprehend that. The rest of the day consisted of him scheming a way to get more cupcakes. Various failed attempts included removing the contents of two drawers on the kitchen floor and opening the dishwasher, standing on the door and opening the microwave and turning it on and off to see if that would make cupcakes happen.

Second mistake:

I get Lulu those little Natural Balance food rolls. I don't commit to one of the $5 or more big rolls because I like to mix the sample treat size rolls with her dry food and get a variety of flavors. I keep them in the small cupboard by my kitchen sink. Charlie has recently discovered that cupboard, partially because that was where I was hiding the Halloween candy and had to move it, and partially because it has interesting things in there, like dog food rolls. Well, he takes one out and Lulu knows what they are and whenever she sees them, she gets all crazy until she gets to eat or until it's out of sight and back in the cupboard. At some point, Charlie no longer has the food roll and Lulu has it. I saw her under the computer table gnawing on something and realized she broke the plastic of the roll and was trying to get the meat out. I took the roll away from her and just gave her the rest of the roll. I didn't even bother to break it down. I just gave it to her whole. It was hilarious to watch her eat it.

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