Sunday, October 25, 2009

Feminism Fail

One of my biggiest peeves with latter-day-feminism is how it steered away from women's rights and turned into a sexual revolution. Last night was a panel on relationships between men and women and one of the discussions was male-female relationships and societal roles. They touched base on rape. They also touched base on a note of how it has become easier for women to do masculine things and it's acceptable yet men can't do feminine things without being labeled a "fag" or "homo". Jesse questioned if they were playing with dolls and I said, "No, stuff like baking, sewing, being into fashion, etc." Oh. Well, one thing they seem to fail to touch base on is some women allow themselves to become victims of violent and sexual crimes. I'm not saying it's right to rape a woman, but if you're one of those girls in high school or college who goes to a party and gets blackout drunk and wakes up somewhere naked and violated the next day, I don't think you have any right to complain. In my mind, someone taking advantage of you is the least of your problems, your bigger one is you have an alcohol problem and that needs to be dealt with to prevent this from happening again. I recall in high school hearing several girls have a scenario where they got drunk at a party and expressed their natural animal needs to reproduce and wound up doing it with guys they would never have sex with and tell the guys that if they told anyone they had sex, they would say it was rape. Really? Is that how women empower themselves now days? By getting what they want and then threatening the opposite sex to be imprisoned if the truth be told simply because they're afraid of the truth? How is this a positive step for feminism? So girls like that would act completely idiotic and walk away from an embarrassing situation, wiping it off like they got away with something simply because they could call wolf.

Don't get me wrong, I believe there were a lot of wonderful things that came from the original feminist movement like the right to vote, work, equal pay, etc. But I think the sexual revolution has created a demoralization of society to a certain extent. If you have an open sex life and that is just the way you are ok with your choices, that's fine. But if you are promiscuous and try to act like you're not and lie about your sexcapades and threaten to say a man who simply was taking part in your throwing yourself at him and saw it nothing more as a "good opportunity", well, shame on you. I'm not gonna sit around and say I believe it's ok to sleep with everyone you meet. I believe that complicates the concept of commitment, devalues the meaning of love, and confuses love with lust. However, if that's what you're into, that's your thing. But I am sick of hearing these feminists talk about how horrible men are when they have become weakened in the last half century and women have become manipulative and controlling. Perhaps we should address that issue next time, yes ladies? Or would that be bad for feminism? I think it's time for another feminist movement: the one where women realize they have gotten out of control and need to straighten up their act to stop making themselves look foolish and proud.

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Jennifer said...

We had an interesting convo about this once on a mormon feminist blog I used to read. A girl claimed to be raped by a whole rugby team in australia. She amditted that she never really said "no" to any of them but if a whole rugby team was involved they must have intimidated her into it, right?
I got really annoyed because the girl obviously just made some bad choices then regretted it the next day so she decided to call it rape. Shame on the guys, sure, but shame on her too.