Saturday, October 17, 2009

Holly and Brobee

Last night one of Jesse's coworkers, Holly, came over and babysat Charlie so we could go to our movie. Apparently, when we got back, she said Charlie cried for an hour grasping at the door trying to get us all wheezing and getting worked up and all. Oh well. Right before she left, she grabbed Charlie's little Brobee on the coffee table and asked, "What is this thing?" We replied, "That's Brobee." I guess that wasn't a good enough answer so we elaborated some more about how he's on a kid's show and Charlie just LOVES him. She said he looked like that old Looney Tunes monster with the red hair and then how she thought it was weird looking and then was a little weirded out when she went to put Charlie to bed and saw there was "another one of those things but bigger" on his bed. It was pretty funny the way she was so curious about what Brobee is all about.

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