Thursday, October 1, 2009

Hrmf random...

We sent our rent of pretty early this month because we wanted to get October's rent out of the way. The weird thing is for some reason it seems like whenever you have a private landlord, they demand rent asap but take forever to cash your check. But with a property management company, you can send them things late, early, whatever, and they cash it like that day. I dunno. I guess it's just because they have people that get paid to do it for them. Whatever the case may be, it's borderline frustrating because this completely throws off my budgeting math and what not.

Charlie is kinda done being broken. He sleeps all night now but he still needs to be rocked to bed. I think it was a teeth or growing thing.

Today I made a chicken pot pie for lunch. Then I made a beef stroganoff for dinner. Sometimes I like to think that with my awesome wife skills, other men look at me and think, "Maybe getting married isn't such a bad idea..." I think too many people have grow up in broken homes and took their mommy and daddy issues and try to sleep their ways into comfort or something and just look at marriage as a bad thing that is doomed if they ever do it. I don't get the whole being in a relationship forever thing. I mean, if you love someone and you're with them for more than 2 years, why not just get married? What's the hold up? I guess I wonder this all the time. Why wait to save money for a wedding or a house or whatever. Just do a small wedding. Get a little apartment and share those joyful and awkward moments of living in a small space together while you save up together for a house. I just feel like people who say that they need to wait a certain amount of time before getting married are worried something won't work out and are waiting for something bad to happen to justify their beliefs that marriage is a bad thing. I dunno. I mean, if you're someone who chooses to not be in a relationship, or to be a serial monogamist or a swinger or whatever, that's fine. But I just don't get the whole dating for years and not marrying thing...

My friend Chrissy got Lasik today. They don't cut the eye open anymore apparently. I totally want it if I can ever afford it. I'm watching her dog, Bentley. He's a little pomaranian. Charlie was laying down on the floor on his tummy cuddling with Lulu and Bentley just walked up to Charlie and humped him. I had to pull him off and say NO. Chrissy is right about her dog being gay. I mean, there was a female dog laying on the floor doing nothing and who does he hump? The male boy. Go figure.

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