Friday, October 16, 2009

One day I'll make a list and it will be awesome

Everyone seems to be doing one of those 101 things to do in 1001 days list things and I really would like to do that, but to be honest, I don't think I can think of 101 things I'd like to do. I feel I've done most of the things in life I'd like to have done and anything left is stuff that requires large amounts of money that accumulate as the result of years of savings. So I guess create a 101 things list is on my to-do list. How ironic.

I've become a regular coffee drinker. I know that sounds silly to say at the age of 27 years, 9 months, and 1 day old, but for the longest time, I could not tolerate the taste of coffee. I wanted to be a coffee drinker because I equate drinking coffee to being grown up. I suppose there are far more things that make me grown up like the fact I'm shocked at how pre-teens dress and act, I often talk about how great the past was, I own guns, and I think staying up past 10 is pretty crazy. But back to coffee. I think a year or two ago, I had decided that I would become a coffee drinker. I didn't really put much effort into it, but alas, I have succeeded. I have discovered the benefits of coffee that I like to call the welcoming of regularity. I think when you get older, your metabolism slows down and you need to be on the go-go-go and coffee is just that magical brown elixir that helps everything work out. And for that reason, I have learned to love it.

Today I went on a job interview. I'm not gonna lie. Every place I've interviewed over the last few months have struck me as places I would work for but not want to work for. I really got a sense of some of the employers I interviewed with. Only one place had the decency to call me back and say they chose another candidate who had more experience in the business side of the position I applied for (this was for an administrative position.) The other places I applied with ranged from people who wanted to hire a designer/admin person but only pay them $8 an hour, people who wanted to hire designers that were actually production jobs that require physical labor and skilled trade knowledge outside of the design spectrum, and of course administrative work where they pretty much wanted to hire an entry level person. Most of these jobs I applied for didn't have the decency to call back even though they said they would. In fact, they wouldn't even respond to a follow up. To me, that says a lot about an employer. They are not the kind of company you want to work for. If your employer doesn't have a backbone to tell you something before you even get a chance to work for them, I could only imagine how horribly passive-aggressive they would be if they were your boss. And I know it's not nice to judge books by their covers, but in my opinion, a company is only as good as their environment. A clean workplace is an organized workplace. Organized employees have their acts together. People who have their act together are productive. Productive companies are successful companies and so on. I can't help but think how horrible some of the places I interviewed at were, but most were filthy warehouses and some didn't even have distinguishable work desks. How these places manage to make money is beyond me, but I can say one company I applied for and had what I thought was a good interview, never called me back like they said they would even when I called to follow up, and they also kept posting ads for the same position time and time again over the course of a few months. Anyway, long back-story aside, I interviewed today at what I think has to be the prettiest company ever. It's hidden in an industrial area somewhat close to a shotgun range. Outside it is a beautiful commercial building. Inside it looks like an art gallery. The company itself produces a very noble product and the people there all seemed very nice and very organized. Even their warehouse and printing area was clean and in order! In addition to all that cosmetic stuff, it is a company with some longevity and stability. Obviously, it's been around for 40 years and the way I see it, it will be around another 40. It totally struck me as the type of place I could stay at til retirement. This was the first time I walked away from a job interview thinking to myself, "I really hope this company hires me because THIS is a place I would really like to work for." Anyway, I'm keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that my weird Halloween/4th of July hire pattern holds true. It is almost Halloween...

Part of me wants to go to the Sue Lowden coffee and donut canned food drive tomorrow morning, but Jesse needs to test fire a shotgun and our furnace maintenance guy is coming back out with the heat damper so he can light our furnace (and we can only use our heat very low because apparently, the furnace hasn't been cleaned in a very long time and we need to have someone come out to clean it and the furnace cleaner is coming next Wednesday.) Anyway, that all set us back close to $500, but considering we didn't owe rent, it's still a $300 savings. Maybe I can sneak out early? On that note, I am officially returning to the GOP. I've had people tell me I'm an Independent, but to be honest, even though I left to be an Independent, it never really felt right to me. I'm still too much of a capitalist who loves me some war-on-drugs. Anyway, I'll be switching back when I go to the DMV to renew my registration. Besides, I think the party needs more people like me. You know, people with a backbone and common sense.

On that note, I have nothing more to say. Maybe I can add that on my list of things to do?

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