Sunday, October 25, 2009

Positive thinking is the key to life

One would think the last week has had a bad turn of events for us. My usual hunting for job/going on interview ended in another thanks-but-no-thanks in a very pleasant manner. To be honest, I've given up a long time ago about feeling bad when I got laid off and didn't get hired. I don't feel apathetic nor do I feel my approach is apathetic but it's positive in the sense that there is a blessing in disguise somewhere to be found. Last week's closed door opened up a rather unusual opportunity for me. While out grocery shopping, I looked at Christmas trees, just to see if they even had any. Wouldn't you know it, they did! Not only did they have them, they had one I liked! I have said that I want a pre-lit 6.5 foot Christmas tree with white lights when we have a house. We rent, but technically, we are in a house, so I get my tree. It was staring at me in all it's glory at Walmart for a lovely $35. I would be stupid to not get it. Granted, I was toying with getting a new vacuum cleaner that day too but figured, the vacuum will be there even after Christmas and my vacuum, even though it's sort of broken, still works fine and can hold out a little longer. In addition to that, my new duvet cover set came in, as well as my old Halloween costume that I'll be using again this year. We went to the gun show and I had my purses out, didn't sell any, had a lot of card-takers though. I also made a very good contact for Jesse with one of the companies in town he's been trying to get a job with for the past two years and gave their #1 guy Jesse's card, so hopefully something good will come of that. I also took Lulu to the Petco Howloween costume contest and we won 2nd place for our costumes. They had the pet costume contest of pets only and then pets and their owners dressed up. Chrissy met up with us and we then broke away and went to the psychic fair. I got a free pumpkin there and she got a reading that she said was "very intense" and is still very glad she got it done. On intense feelings, I can't help but feel like something really good is going to happen soon. I don't know why, the last week I've been feeling like something amazing is in our cards but not sure yet what it will be.

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