Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Rainy Day Random

Lulu hates rain and has been miserable all day because she has been trying her hardest to hold her pee because she doesn't want to go out in the rain. Eventually, after 18 hours, she gave in and finally went potty. I took her out pretty much every hour this morning to potty since 8 am and every time, she goes to the door, smells the rain or something and hauls back to hide under a blanket or a warm lap.

I realized I am dressed like candy corn today. Kinda. I have an orange sweater on, but it's a burnt orange. I was chilly so I put on my mustard yellow throw. I don't have any white to top it off but the fact I am wearing orange and yellow side by side in October makes me think of candy corn, so, there you have it.

I was working on a book cover for someone today and I gotta say I'm rather pleased with what I came up with. Even if they don't go with the design, I can always send my illustration to my stock site.

Tonight we're going to have pork chops. For real. I've been wanting pork chops for a while now. The other night, I defrosted what I thought was pork. After making it out of the oven and onto our plates, I realized it was steak. Breaded and baked. It actually wasn't that bad, but it didn't cure my pork chop craving. So tonight, we're having pork chops. Charlie grabbed the defrosting pork chop baggie and tried to hide it in his fire truck under the seat. It was funny, but probably wouldn't be so funny if I didn't catch him doing it.

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